Welcome to Reality, Lionsgate, Pleased to Have You Here

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Well, this deserves its own post. Lionsgate is making far too much sense for a company in the movie industry. It’s scaring the crap out of me, frankly. Here’s the story: they’ve made a deal with YouTube. Rather than fighting to get clips of their films taken down, they’re going to monetize the clips. They’re going to have their own YouTube channel and let people share, embed, upload and mash up clips. That’s what the Variety article says.

Pause here for a moment. Upload? That’s fascinating. So does that mean they’ll let you upload a clip from a Lionsgate movie if it’s uploaded to their channel so it can be monetized? That seems fair enough. And as for mashup–does that mean they’ll let you download and then re-upload your new version? If so…wow. This covers film and television programs. Now, users don’t get free reign. If something’s still in cinemas, clips will be removed. But that’s perfectly reasonable.


AresTV: Your Quarterly Answer to “Where the Hell is Our Next Space Chariot?”

Perhaps one of the coolest terrestrial things NASA has done in a while (since non-terrestrial things like escaping the freaking gravity well never lose the ability to be cool) is to set up the AresTV ID on YouTube. They’re posting their quarterly updates on the Ares Project’s progress. For those not already geeking, the Ares is the replacement for the U.S. space shuttle. First test flight is a year from now. Full-on flight operations scheduled for 2015.

In this most recent episode, the seventh, you can see the parachute testing of their reefing (opening) method, otherwise known as Reefing Madness. Also: they do calibration and testing of…The Nozzle.

Direct link for the feedreaders.


Who Was That Faceless Guitar Picker?


Meet YouTube user FretKillr.

92 videos of a mystery man absolutely shredding an acoustic guitar, complete with vocals and occasional harmonica. That people of this kind of raw talent can languish in obscurity while the current crop of Top 40 crap get record deals is evidence that our civilization deserves the coming fire.

All of the vids are excellent stuff, but I have a few suggestions to get you started.

I’d buy any CD he put out tomorrow.

Found via Metafilter.


From Somewhere: Dragons on a Main


Welcome to From Somewhere, a semi-weekly digest of interesting nuggets strewn about the information highway. Be they about technology, pop culture, or just random odd items, I’ll attempt to make sense of them…

Time for a little Hollywood Math (patent pending): Return of the King took in over a billion at the box office, and Pirates 2 just crossed the billion mark a few weeks back. So what if you could find a franchise that crossed the Pirates action with the Lord of the Rings mythology, with a dash of actual history thrown in?

Never mind; Peter Jackson already did.

The director used his own fundage to secure the film rights to first time (!) author Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series. The historical fantasy series does a “What if..” on the Napoleonic Wars, adding dragons and their pilots to the mix of high seas warfare. Jackson has hinted at helming the first film in the series himself.

So it’s a safe bet Naomi’s having a mighty good week.

Now you’d think this would be a good week to be Lukas Rossi–the latest winner of CBS’ Rockstar. Ah, but with newfound fame, trouble finds you.