Stuff You Need to Know: Really Useful, That YouTube

Frederick B. Owens as Caiaphas from Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Update: Apparently Amazon has some Wiis in stock for today only–they won’t let me link directly to the product, so here’s the Video Games page. You can navigate to it from there. Good luck.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Really Useful Company has followed hard upon the Pythons by kicking off a YouTube channel with various and sundry bits. Here’s my favorite of the bunch so far: from the 2000 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar (original film version reviewed here; recent tour version reviewed here) , featuring a ridiculously basstastic Frederick B. Owens as Caiaphas:

    Direct link for the feedreaders. Source: Variety.

  • When last we mentioned Jack Black’s Brutal Legend, it didn’t have a publisher after Activision dropped it. Now it’s at EA. It’s due out next fall. Source: Variety.
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    Sungha Jung: Fretkillr’s Padawan?

    So amidst the old commercials and lame cellphone vids of college students doing shit they’ll regret in 10 years, YouTube holds the unrecognized talent of multitudes. Much like I use MySpace now, YouTube exists primarily as a vehicle for me to stumble on random musicians that can rock my face off without me giving the RIAA any money. I previously shared the faceless Fretkillr, flat-picker extrordinaire. And thanks to CNN/SI’s penchant for weird pop culture tidbits, I can now bring you the awesome that is Sungha Jung, a 10-year-old Korean boy with some serious acoustic guitar chops. He’s got over 120 vids on his channel, but I’ve pulled a couple of my faves out here. Let’s start off with a little Pink Floyd, shall we?

    Goodbye Blue Sky

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    Having Issues With YouTube Videos? So Is Everyone Else, Apparently

    We're Sorry, This Video is No Longer Available

    So I’ve started seeing the YouTube We’re Sorry issue, but at first I didn’t think anything of it. Thought maybe YouTube was under maintenance or just having issues. But unless I’m missing something, this is starting to be a big pain in the ass. You might have seen it on this site, even: a YouTube video comes up with the black nothing and “We’re Sorry, This Video is No Longer Available” on it. But if you refresh the page here or even click through to YouTube, then it magically starts working. There are people who have Google Accelerator and it needs to be turned off to fix the problem. I’m not running it. There are people who can’t read the full posts where it says that even on the YouTube site this is happening and think the videos have embedding turned off. That’s not the case. It could also be a virus on my machine, a problem with my network setup, something with flash…no, no and no. This is happening with scads of people across multiple browsers across multiple platforms.

    All of this to say that if you are seeing the issue on Needcoffee, we apologize for the inconvenience. While we love the page views, we would never try to get you to refresh multiple times to see something. Just like this one website I went to that dimmed out the whole site and asked me to subscribe to its RSS feed, making me close out that window before I could read the article. Here’s a tip: let me see your content before you start getting in my face about winding up on my RSS reader, bucko.

    So bear with this and either YouTube will get its shit together or it will die and we’ll replace the videos as they appear on other sites. We’re fine either way.

    (And incidentally, if you’re seeing this and want to share any P.D. you’ve done, I’d love to hear about it.)

    Stuff You Need to Know, Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Chopper Zombie
  • Okay, so Audible just did a bit called “Dueling Narrators” where they put audiobook readers of the same work up against each other in a kind of Iron Reader sort of deal. The much beloved Jim Dale beat out Tim Curry for reading Peter Pan…but Christopher Hurt beat out Uncle Ray reading Uncle Ray’s own Fahrenheit 451? Holy shit. This I have got to hear now.
  • So how do you roll out a multi-platform zombie project? You get in bed with Devil’s Due on a graphic novel called Chopper Zombie, about a motorcycle builder killed for his superfuel who comes back from the dead to provide beatdowns to the corporation who had him killed. Then you produce a movie based on the comic. Then you launch the book at Comic-Con next week where you’ve got a “custom zombie chopper” created by the folks from Monster Garage. This is all because you are Thom Beers, the producer of the show. Again, not a bad strategy if you ask me. One of the films I saw early on that shaped me was Demons, in which our hero rides a motorcycle through a cinema infested with zombie-esque demons while he lops off their heads with a katana blade to the melodious strains of “Fast as a Shark.” So I’ve always had a fondness for the crotch rockets when it comes to anti-zombie work. Official site is live here.
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