HBO Posts Entire Pilot for ‘The Newsroom’ on YouTube

Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom

A short but important update to say Holy. Mother. Of Crap. HBO has posted the Entire Pilot for Aaron Sorkin‘s The Newsroom on YouTube, for free. This is huge!

Folks, as a devotee, nay Acolyte of The West Wing, it pains me somewhat to say that I just don’t care about The Newsroom, but this? This is the actual HBO Network posting THEIR OWN SHOW on YOUTUBE, for everyone to watch FOR FREE! If you want to know why this is such a huge deal to me, go re-read “How Not To React To The Internet Co-Opting Your TV” and “Caprica: They Just Keep Blowing It Up.”

Then you’ll see why I file this action by HBO under “Dreams Do Come True.”

HBO’ve disabled embedding on the episode (obviously), but here’s the Direct Link.

Marble Hornets Season 2 – DVD Review

Marble Hornets Season 2 DVD


Directed by: Troy Wagner & Joseph DeLage
Written by: Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Tim Sutton & Kirill Baru
Starring: Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Jessica May & Tim Sutton

Genre: Internet Horror series.
YouTube channels: Marble Hornets; totheark
Twitter: @marblehornets

Previously: My review of Season 1.

Series review: Marble Hornets Season 2 begins with our protagonist Jay waking up in a hotel seven months after Season 1 with no idea of how he got there, or what happened since entry 26. He and a girl named Jessica are the only tenants in the hotel, and Jay soon learns that Jessica has also forgotten how she got there. Jay later finds footage that he shot in the missing seven months, and he begins to piece together what has happened to him, and those in his proximity.


Marble Hornets: The Complete First Season – DVD Review

Marble Hornets: The Complete First Season DVD


Directed by: Troy Wagner
Written by: Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Kirill Baru
Starring: Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage

Genre: Internet Horror series.
YouTube channels: Marble Hornets; totheark
Twitter: @marblehornets

Series review: Three years ago, Alex Kralie started a student film titled “Marble Hornets,” but abandoned the project halfway through. When his friend Jay (our protagonist and narrator) asks him what he plans to do with the footage, Alex simply says: “Burn It.” After some coercion, Jay manages to get the tapes from Alex, just before he moves away. Jay neglects the tapes for three years and when he finally decides to watch them, he posts any strange incidents on the tapes to a YouTube account. And this draws him into a nightmarish world he cannot escape.

First off, Marble Hornets is scary. Very scary. Not in the “Oh my god, I just jumped out of my seat” way, but more in the “I am paralyzed with fear” way. The series doesn’t rely on jump scares or blood and gore; it is a finely crafted piece of Hitchcockian horror, with elements of Lovecraft thrown in for good measure. The antagonist, The Operator, is an ever present creature with no conceivable motive, and yet unknown paranormal abilities. Based off of the popular Slender Man mythos, The Operator is portrayed as a tall, thin, faceless man wearing a business suit. This seemingly tame combination creates a terrifying beast that will haunt your dreams.


Stuff: Viacom and YouTube Deserve Each Other

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Spy vs. Spy

(L to R) Viacom and YouTube

All the time, there’s pop culture stuff going on. You don’t need a whole post about each and every little thing that happens, or every time a DVD gets dropped on the street. We’re here to filter it for you. Now back with sections, so if you don’t give a damn, you can just skip to the parts you want. You’re welcome. Read this then go have a life.

  • The lawsuit between Viacom and YouTube just got a lot more hilarious. It was revealed that YouTube knew from the get-go that a lot of their content was pirated but just wanted the traffic. However, it was revealed that Viacom contributed to their own pirated content on the site, including getting other people to upload their stuff to help boost popularity while at the same time bitching about Those Damn Pirates. Is there a way the judge can just say, “You’re both idiots, now take your toys and go home?” Anyway, the article lines it up rather well and is recommended reading.
  • (more…)

    Kutiman vs. YouTube: Thru You


    Kutiman is apparently an Israeli DJ (I say apparently because his site is being destroyed right now by traffic) who has taken a slew of YouTube videos and sampled/remixed them into a series of seven badass jam/songs that he calls “Thru You.” It’s fantastic and a pox upon Doc for sending this to me and blitzing my productivity for the rest of the afternoon.

    I think it’s like Danger Mouse decided to taken on the entire goddamn Internet. Doc says, “He’s taken my belief that YouTube’s best function is for finding talented unknown musicians, and followed it to the logical extreme. YouTube is the best unsigned act in the world.”

    Here’s all of the songs in a single playlist for your convenience. Check them out. Let me know what you think.

    Here’s his official site and here’s his YouTube ID.