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Your Xmas Day Holiday Linkage

Classic Television Showbiz has a nice round-up of Christmas episodes of The Jack Benny Show. Plus a Christmas episode of Dragnet. A great collection of Soviet Christmas cards. Found via Ectoplasmosis. ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive has...

xkcd: Playpen Balls

You know, xkcd really needs to be careful. First I saw the chess photo strip, which amused me greatly. But then it became apparent that people were starting to create their own bits like that for real. Then I found out that somebody’s...

xkcd: Turing Test Extra Credit

You know, honestly, Siege pulls this stunt all the time. He’ll do it to anyone. Hell, he could be doing it to you right now and you’d never even know it. How do you know that he isn’t? Can you be sure?