The SFOP Appreciation Society #3: Rogue

How Fast Can You Swim? Rogue

And we’re back to bring to order another meeting/podcast of The SFOP Appreciation Society. It stars Leigh and Dindrane (with engineering by PhantomV48 and intro narration by Doc), and the focus is on SyFy Original Pictures and their cinematic cousins.

These are audio commentaries. Mostly. You can either listen along with your own copy of their third film, Rogue (assuming you have one), or you can listen along with whatever it is you’re doing in your regular life. And don’t worry that you can’t listen without synching up with a version of the film–they can barely sync themselves up to it. Regardless, enter into the presence of: The SFOP Appreciation Society.

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Halloween Movie Night No. 11: The Last Shark

Last Shark aka Great White

We play with the sub-genre off and on a lot, but Movie Night No. 11 is officially When Animals Attack night. That’s the theme and we’re sticking with it. And we’re going basic this time, with nothing terribly exotic like killer krill or lethal ladybugs. No, it’s time for a good old fashioned killer shark movie. It’s The Last Shark otherwise known as Great White otherwise known as the film that was so close to Jaws it got itself sued.

No, seriously…apparently Universal handed this Italian film its ass, got it blocked from North American release and it’s never seen an official Region 1 release…of any kind. So it has some appeal in that standpoint as well. And that explains the subtitles on this one…but since this is so rare and weird that I hadn’t heard of it until I went poking around…I’ll allow it.

We got here as follows: last year, it was Horrors of Spider Island. The year prior, it was The Giant Claw. And in 2007, it was Tarantula.

32 Days of Halloween IV, Movie Night No. 10: It Came From Beneath the Sea

It Came From Beneath the Sea tentacle

It’s the giant octopus movie–It Came From Beneath the Sea featuring fantastic octo-effects by Ray Harryhausen. In fact, even if you don’t know this film, you know it: you’ve seen the stop motion octopus arms attacking the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a 1955 classic that is here in it’s colorized form, but the colorization process isn’t terribly annoying. And it will do in a pinch.

This after three years of other madness, including 20 Million Miles to Earth, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and The Screaming Skull.

32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 10: Japanese Horror

Kairo Pulse ghost

Today is about J-Horror. This after we first gave you the Japanese Evil Dead trailer. Then the Japanese trailers of Friday the 13th and Dawn of the Dead. But now we’re going for some Japanese originals.

Yes, we try to capture the essence of Japanese horror when we remake them over here…but it just doesn’t work. When we try to remake them we don’t necessarily take the teeth out of them–this is Japanese horror, so it’s more like we remove all the spiny bits with the barbs on the end.

Here’s a case in point. You remember the trailer for One Missed Call? The English version, that drew laughter from the audience every time they showed it in front of another film? Here’s the Japanese version, aka Chakushin Ari. It actually feels creepy and menacing. For a change of pace.