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Loofah of the Gods?

We think the guy who e-mailed Boing Boing is on to something. Hyperion, the moon of Saturn we’ve just gotten these sweet pictures of, does in fact look like a ginormous loofah. Surely on that coming-soon day when the Great Old Ones...


Up Close and Personal With Tethys

Cassini has sent back pictures of the surface of Saturn’s moon, Tethys. Note the spear-shaped bit in the lower left there (the link has a larger version of the pic). Can’t wait to hear what Coast to Coast makes of that. Found via...

Mars view

Spirit is King of the Hill

Still playing catchup. Here’s the view that Spirit has from Husband Hill, 269 feet above the Martian plan. Living in the future rocks, doesn’t it? Found via Slashdot. Bonus: He took a nice shot of the moons Deimos and Phobos...

I Can See Your House From Here

Messenger, a spacecraft headed for Mercury, was kind enough to take a slew of images as it left the neighborhood. Check out the resulting movie here. Found via Futurismic.

Plants Are People Too

And it pays to relieve their stress when you want to grow them on Mars. A new article from Science Daily investigates the phenomenon of anxious plants and the gases they produce to signal their problems–not unlike a teenager writing...

Wish You Were Here

Astronaut Steve Robinson’s doing some sightseeing while out in space. Be sure and check out his self-portait. Wicked. Pointed there by Boing Boing.

Andromeda 1.1 (2000) – DVD Review

Film: DVD: Written by: Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Joe Reinkemeyer, Zack Stentz, Matt Kiene Directed by: Allan Kroeker, Brenton Spencer, Allan Eastman, Mike Rohl Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Laura Bertram, Brent Stait...