The Art of John Payne

The Art of John Payne

Few people get to play with full-size life-like dinosaurs. And by “play with,” I mean actually play with, although some paleontologists might want to split hairs about that. You know, have them actually do these, like the maniacs behind this. And few people get to actually screw around with big skeletons, a la Harryhausen.

But John Payne made these incredible sculptures that either were geared up to move by themselves or could be worked like amazing marionettes. Or more recently, it seems, be operated wirelessly with motion detectors setting them off. You can check out his works like the Crow with the fourteen-foot wingspan or an amazing plesiosaur that “swims” in air. Unfortunately, the occasion for me finding these things is word from Coilhouse that the artist has passed away at 58 due to a massive stroke. Go see the movies on his site to see his art in motion. Our best goes out to his family and friends.


H.R. Giger in His Studio

It only makes sense to have a brief docu from Giger here…seeing as how he designed one of the best alien monsters of all time. This is taken from the Species DVD it seems (with some subtitles), but what’s even more important than getting to see some Species stuff (for those that are into that movie) is that you get to see what sort of model trains Giger plays with.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via poeTV.

Doktor A’s Mr. Wells And His Legendary Temporal Conveyance

Mr. H.G. Wells by Doktor A, a vinyl figure

Oh hell, this is some awesome stuff. Brass Goggles clues us into the work of the diabolical Doktor A, who takes vinyl figures and manipulates them into really cool bits: like this one of Mr. H.G. Wells and his time machine. I dig it. Now we just need a David Warner/Jack the Ripper toy to go along with it and we’re set.

Make sure you go check out all his toys. I think my favorite, though, is the steampunky goodness that is “Sir Cuthbert Pinkerly-Wormsborough at the Helm of Her Majesties Ironclad Defender.” It’s an earthworm. In a top hat. In what must be a borrowing tank. Death from below FTW.


Tim Baker, Maker of Badass Sculpted Bits

A prop book covered in shells by Tim Baker

Brass Goggles turns us onto the work of Tim Baker, who’s got many, many things we like. He’s apparently worked on gear based on the Narnia films, makeup for television, all kinds of wicked stuff. Here’s a sampling:

First up, check that out on the right there. Well, your right, my left. It’s one of four prop books he’s posted to his gallery. Honestly, Doc, doesn’t that look a helluva lot like the hardback Collected Alhzared you have down in the library? Wild.

Check out some more of Tim’s stuff after the break.