Russell Howard: Round the World – Review

Russell Howard

Performance at The Earl, Atlanta, 4 May 2017.

Having seen Russell Howard on Mock the Week, then catching his stand-up and later seeing him host the terrific Good News, it was a no-brainer to go catch him live for $25 while he was in town. For those of you unfamiliar with Howard, he’s what would happen if ADHD manifested itself in human form and was then filmed by a Phantom Camera so it could be slowed down from Tasmanian Devil speed to something you could actually perceive. Because there’s something to be said for seeing comedy in the flesh and the energy at last night’s performance was pretty fantastic.

Helping things were not only the fairly intimate nature of The Earl’s performance venue (with seating in place vs. their usual SRO, there wasn’t really a bad seat there) but also the fact that opening act Dedrick Flynn (unfamiliar with him before now, but damn, the man is funny) opened with a bit to amp up the crowd that Howard apparently liked so much he used it as a refrain for the rest of his act. So Howard leapt in out of the gate and honestly seemed to like the crowd, as he told us he was only supposed to do an hour (not sure why) but he felt much more relaxed and open to chat.


Mock the Week: You’ll Never Sit in a Hot Tub Comfortably Again

Hugh Dennis and Frankie Boyle from Mock the Week

The show is Mock the Week. It’s yet another brilliant panel show that we’re simply not geared to handle on this side of the pond, because no panel shows even remotely like this exist here.

Granted, this thing is probably the most politically incorrect, flat-out-wrong thing you will watch this week. So that doesn’t exactly help matters. You were warned.

P.S. This is the first episode in their fourth series, from January of last year…