32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 15: Attack of the Crab Monsters!

Attack of the Crab Monsters

The fifteenth movie night of 32 Days of Halloween has dealt in the past with the sprawling mayhem of the “atomic monsters” subgenre. We’re going with Attack of the Crab Monsters, directed by Roger Corman and released in 1957. What happens when one expedition you’ve sent out to research the after effects of atomic testing in the Pacific goes missing? You send another one, of course! Because when you buy expeditions in bulk, it’s cheaper that way.

And is it just me or does the opening scrawl read exactly like the opening briefing you would get in a video game? Corman was a visionary! Enjoy!

32 Days of Halloween V, Day 12: House of Usher

House of Usher 1960

Day 12 has turned into a day for Poe, what with last year and Uncle Bill reading “The Masque of the Red Death” and then The Pit and the Pendulum before that. And since we’re already in the neighborhood, it makes sense to go back to the beginning of the trifecta of terror that is Roger Corman, Poe and Vincent Price. And Richard Matheson is here as well, adapting the story for the screen…with some liberties. Like most Corman/Poe “collaborations,” the purists will gnaw off their own faces in despair. But if you just enjoy the madness and go with it, all is well.

I mean, come on, they refer to Price as “The Screen’s Foremost Delineator of the Draculean.” How can you not love that? Check it out:

32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 9: Day the World Ended!

Day the World Ended

It’s Roger Corman night at 32 Days of Halloween! We bring you Day the World Ended from 1955. You can tell the world is in bad shape after its destruction by nuclear war because we can’t even afford to put articles in front of film titles any longer. A few survivors are holed up trying to figure out how to survive–not helping them is the #1 thing that kills you in films from this era. That’s right, you guessed it: a guy in a mutant suit!

This was Roger Corman’s fourth film in the director’s chair. He also makes a cameo as Lori Nelson’s fiancee in a photograph.

32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 6: The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

The Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

Tradition means two things. One, don’t fall off the roof. And two, Movie Night #6 is reserved for the films of Mr. Vincent Price. We’ll run through the bits of his filmography we’ve touched upon in a moment. But here we’re back with him and his partner in crime, Roger Corman, as they bring another Edgar Allan Poe story to the big screen. It’s The Pit and the Pendulum, and we’d previously given you just the trailer.

Richard Matheson was the scribe on the pic and if you’ve had any experience with Corman and the American International Poe films, you’ll know that if you go into them as a Poe purist you’ll want to poke your eyes out with a spork. Because you might think that a film true to the short story would be a nice, experimental short film–you can anticipate that a bigass feature film will take what it wants and jettison the rest. You’re right.

Of course, as part of the bargain you get mad colors, glorious camp and Price being…well, Price. Which is to say: fantastic. So check your EAP badge at the door and enjoy.