Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Outside the Front Door

Because every week goes down smoother if you start it off with a brief bit of “No, seriously, WTF.” We’re glad to oblige.

Please watch the following video. There will be a quiz after the video to see if you gleaned the lesson you should have.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via Kindertrauma.

Now, check your paper…no cheating…if you said, “If I don’t put the chain on my door, Rasputin will appear on my front walk wielding an axe…” then you are right. Full marks.

And because we can, something else after the break.


Hanna-Barbera’s Way of Saying “Don’t Do Drugs”

Hanna-Barbera anti-marijuana ad

Okay, so, I don’t know about you…but what I take away from this is never hold hands with an anthropomorphic cigar. Because he’ll lead you to the supporting cast of the movie Lifeforce. After you…um, gain briefly the powers of Lightspeed from Power Pack.

This is an anti-marijuana ad from 1970 created by Hanna-Barbera.

And now you know why I’ve never taken drugs. Because we’ve discussed the inside of my head before and they’re just not necessary.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Saturday Morning Blog.

Robert Zemeckis Directs New Smokey the Bear Commercials

CGI Smokey the Bear

Or at least that’s the only way I can figure out how Smokey the Bear has been brought back to unlife by scary godawful CG. Cartoon Brew pointed it out to us and we agree with them about Jason Kottke’s comment that he’s fighting fires in the Uncanny Valley. You remember the Uncanny Valley, right?

Anyway, it’s the even more ridiculous “Get Your Smokey On” tagline that makes us think that somebody’s joking with us here. Honestly, nobody got paid to come up with that for a tagline. Right?

Somebody just agree with me so I can cope, okay?