AlexCF Makes the Babbage Engine Portable

Portable Babbage Engine by AlexCF

How often have you been chained to the difference engine at your desk and looked outside and thought, “Man, what a pretty day. If only I could take my work out there with me.”

Well, look no further. Thanks to steampunk artist AlexCF, very soon you too can have a portable Babbage Engine. Take it anywhere you like. It comes with both a touch screen and a quill pen and inkwell. It’s only a prototype* but for the full information and a better picture, you can check out his website.

*–It’s actually a prop for a Nosferatu movie. This footnote void in VT and OK, where vampires are considered endangered.


AlexCF’s Deep Sea Delicacies

AlexCF Fish Case

Alex CF is a creator of strange curiosities of a bygone era that never existed and makes many a geek consider grand larceny. He has once again brought forth something from the depths of his imagination and from the depths of the ocean. Three examples of deep sea life have been lovingly presented in a hand made wood and glass case. Truly a cut above Big Mouth Billy Bass. It is now available for bidding at the venerable firm of Ebay. Also check out his website for more of his odd object d’art.


Flux Capacitor Replica: Yet Another Reason to Rob a Bank

Flux capacitor replica

This is pretty ri-goddamn-diculous: Entertainment Earth is selling a replica of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future.

Update: Alas, it’s no longer on their website. However, Amazon apparently has one for sale from one of their Used and New folks.

Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Reproduced with full light effects and adjustable power settings, the Flux Capacitor replica recreates the 1.21 jigowatt-controlling heart of the De Lorean time machine. Measuring over 16-inches tall x 12-inches wide, each replica features hand-numbering with a matching box, certificate of authenticity and care instructions!

ETA for these things is May of next year. And yes, they are $275 smackers. But you can expect them to be mounted in geek cars all across the world as soon as they hit.

P.S. If you are crazy enough to order one of these things, A) we salute you for having more money than us and 2) do it through this link because we get kickbacks! Thanks!


The Lost World Exploration Case by AlexCF

Lost World case by AlexCF

AlexCF, that mad genius who keeps making replicas and props and things (all of which make me cry my geek heart to sleep at night because I got no dinero to bid on his goods) is at it again. Mercilessly he creates wicked shit and then dangles out in front of the the whole internet. And we, masochists that we are, wouldn’t have it any other way.

This time out he’s tackling Professor Challenger from The Lost World. No, this is the Arthur Conan Doyle Lost World not the craptastic Spielberg sequel. It’s a case from where Challenger ascended to a plateau in the rainforest where dinosaurs still lived. The case was found in 1951.

The list of what’s in the case is formidable (as you might expect), but a brief sampling of the bits follows:


Dr. Belacleese’s Portable Bio-Aetheric Laboratory

Dr. Belacleese's Portable Bio-Aetheric Laboratory by AlexCF

AlexCF is an absolute madman. And he’s a sadist. He keeps hurting us over and over again with Really Cool Shit that makes us geekgasm until we pass out. For example:

Exhibit A: The Lovecraftia explorer box.

Exhibit 2: The Necropathic Spectregraph.

And countless other things you can find at his site.

But now he’s really taken things to the extreme with a bio-reanimation lab in a suitcase. Check it out after the jump: