Stuff You Need to Know: Fishburne to Fight Some Crime

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Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne, natural badass.

  • CSI, in a desperate but brilliantly insidious attempt to get me to watch their show, are in talks with Laurence Fishburne to take the lead after William Petersen exits, as we mentioned was coming. In an attempt to…I’m not sure what this is for, but here’s the character description: “a doctor/scientist outsider to the CSI unit who has the same genetic profile as a serial killer but hasn’t previously acted on any homicidal impulses.” Um…okay. Each episode can start with, “Larry–kill anybody today?” Anyway, they’re so desperate to get me to watch, they have as their other top choices John Malkovich and Kurt Russell. They’re evil, evil bastards, I’m telling you. The producers–not Russell and Malkovich, mind you. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Woodstock is getting an extra hour. The 40th anniversary is next year and on July 28th, Warner Brothers is releasing a new version with an extra hour of footage. This will contain unreleased performances by Joan Baez, Joe Cocker and The Who. It will hit Blu-Ray as well as an ulty collector’s edition of some unknown magnitude and “will come with a companion doc, “The ’60s and the Woodstock Generation,” and memorabilia likely including replicas of handwritten notes by festgoers and a draft card from that era.” Here’s what’s fascinating, though: they found eight hours of concert footage, so are they saving another hour for the 50th, or what? It might be rights issues–they’re trying to get Hendrix worked out as well as others. And CCR and the Grateful Dead have apparently never granted the rights for their performances to be issued. Which means, I assume, that there are bootlegs of this stuff floating around. Source: Variety.
  • Christopher Knight, formerly Peter Brady of the original Bunch is going to host the syndicated of the new Trivial Pursuit: America Plays TV game show. It starts September 22nd. Previously there was a game show where any country could play, simply called Trivial Pursuit, hosted by Wink Martindale. It appeared on The Family Channel. Here’s a taste, so you can see Wink at his most insincere:

    Terrifying. Source for America Plays: Variety.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

  • Jackie Chan is on board The Spy Next Door, an action comedy where he’s babysitting kids and must confront secret agents after one of the kiddies gets hold of a secret code. Huh. I had no idea they were remaking The Pacifier. Source: Holllywood Reporter.
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    The RIAA vs. Jimmy Carr

    Apparently much has been made of a reportedly fake news story that the RIAA put together to send out to news stations in the hopes that they would run it like actual news. Silly people, like news stations run “actual news” these days anyway. Regardless, we’d just like to point out that when it comes to anti-piracy adverts, we’d be much more willing to listen to Jimmy Carr:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    That comes off of the new Jimmy Carr Comedian DVD. Sadly, only available on Region 2 DVD.

    RIAA story found via The Consumerist.


    Odds and Ends for 11-24-2005

    A sampler platter of the crap the Interweb spewed out recently. Soon to be a major motion picture.

    Gizmodo: A Very Odd Home Appliance
    “Our surgeons did what they could, but it took them two hours just to get the smile off his face.”

    Let Them Sing It For You
    It’s basically the time-honored classic of “Spliceway to Heaven,” but in this case you can write your own lyrics to be spliced up and sung back. Found via Boing Boing.

    Harry Potter 4 Broadcast Into Space
    I hope somebody is policing the space station to make sure they didn’t snag a copy from the live feed and aren’t burning DVDs right and left as I type this…