Philip Pullman Writing “John Blake” Comic

Philip Pullman

David Fickling Books, an imprint of Random House, has announced the “DFC,” a new weekly comic for youngsters that’s beginning in May of this year. We’re going to go way out on a limb and postulate that “DFC” might stand for “David Fickling Comics.” Call us crazy.

“For today’s children it is almost a brand new form of entertainment. Only completely original material will be published in the DFC. No advertising, just 100% storytelling delight. Joy in an envelope,” says Fickling. And yes, if you were around to hear David Lloyd at DragonCon last year, there’s a very good reason that for British children comics are “brand new.”

Anyway, the first writer to be announced to be participating in this is Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass, which had the working title of The Father, The Thing-That-Could-Be-a-Watch and the Very Big Bear. He’s writing “The Adventures of John Blake,” of which nothing else is known other than it will rock balls, until the final issue, which will make you so angry you’ll want to punch kittens.

The DFC’s website is here, and it looks like it will open in less than seventeen days from the time I write this.

The Golden Compass (2007) – 27 Second Review

Golden Compass

Written by: Chris Weitz, based on the novel by Philip Pullman
Directed by: Chris Weitz
Starring: Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott, Eva Green, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen

Review: It’s dangerous for me to see a movie that promises armored polar bears, because five minutes in, I’ll lose patience, and yell “KILL SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!!” at the screen. When the brawling does begin, it does not disappoint. But I could have used a lot more of it. LOTS more. And a lot less in the way of ushers wanting me to stop yelling. LOTS less.

Time: 18 seconds

Blasphemy! Blasphe-you! Blasphe-everybody!

God from Monty Python Holy Grail

Well, we were just talking about Ricky Gervais. But he, Stewart Lee, Philip Pullman (author of The Golden Compass), Prof. Richard Dawkins, Sir Jonathan Miller and many others are backing a campaign to get rid of the blasphemy laws in Britain. This after some fundamentalist Christians tried to smack Lee’s production of Jerry Springer: The Opera with blasphemy charges.

They bring up some great points, like the concern over a teacher in Sudan being charged with blasphemy for the name of a teddy bear and the fact that it’s only Christianity that gets to bring such cases. You can check out the whole article over at Chortle.

I wish them luck. I live in the southeastern United States, and over here Jesus still doesn’t want you to buy alcohol on Sundays.

Anyway, I think we need a very worthwhile video to illustrate the point. Oh, look, here comes one now.