32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 11: Beyond the Time Barrier!

Beyond the Time Barrier

It occurred to me we hadn’t had any full-on sci-fi mayhem this year, so we’re going to go Beyond the Time Barrier in just a bit. But first, back to two different versions of the classic panel show (yes, we did have them over here), I’ve Got a Secret. Here are two full episodes. The first features Peter Lorre and is from 1954. The second features Vincent Price and is from 1973. They are full episodes so if you want to skip ahead to the gist I won’t blame you, but classic shows like this are hellacious fun, so you should really treat yourself.


32 Days of Halloween X, Day 32: An Amuse-bouche

Peter Lorre with cigarette

(As this tenth year of 32 Days of Halloween runs its course like a zombie plague, I wanted to throw the mic one last time to that Halloween researcher extraordinaire, Rox of Spazhouse, and let her handle the first bit of our final night. –Widge)

Peter Lorre and Vampira on The Red Skelton Show (January 8, 1955)