Needcoffee’s Shark Week: Day Six

Chased by Sea Monsters

Now that we’ve met several very different species of sharks, it’s time to look at their ancestors. And to help us do that, here are a few books and things to consider. First up is the DVD of a very interesting series from the BBC called Chased by Sea Monsters. Nigel Marvin, TV-naturalist extraordinaire, does an in-the-field (or water, in this case) nature show with CG prehistoric sea creatures. It’s a bit of a weird spin on “Swimming With Dinosaurs,” but very cool, and it gives you a good idea about the possible sizes and movements of animals long since extinct. And there is a companion book for the series as well. Get the DVD here and the book here!

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharkes and Other Sea Monsters book cover art

The other book of the day is really fun, and even more fun for kids who like strange beasties: Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters is a very bold yet intricate pop-up book with all kinds of scary prehistoric creatures to marvel at. Grab it here.