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Your Weekend Justice #255: For All the Great...

Discussed: When you need to kill your Big Bad three times just to make sure; Death is a no because time travel (plus contract); Ghost Rider as a sitcom; a film Peter Dinklage cannot save; Out-Steve Perrying Steve Perry....and more!

Magnum Ice Cream bars

Your Weekend Justice #276: A Teaching Moment

Discussed: Discovering what’s too much for this podcast; Ken Burns: Tuffley After the Fall; Leonard Cohen vs. David Hasselhoff; Falco and other Austrians; Necco Wafers and Catholicism; What does Big Dub have under the counter? and more!

Vintage anthropomorphic Colgate madness!

Your Weekend Justice #254: Shooting is Not...

Discussed: Why is Leigh ordering around the guy from the BBC?; Jon puts out the lights; Lucifer is fun, no matter what wacky moms say; The aging of Teenlet; Fear the Walking Dead, getting wet; Fun with Civil War; In defense of Fitz & Simmons...