Morbid Whimsy Live: A Trailer

As previously announced, I’m doing a live show June 4th in my hometown. The details are here. The show is called An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live. And the question on everyone’s lips is “What is Morbid Whimsy?” I recorded the following to help explain.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Hope to see you there for the live show. Since I know our audience is scattered around the world, even if you’re far the hell away from there, just know you’re invited. I appreciate all of you very muchly.

An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live

Morbid Whimsy Live

You are cordially invited. I wanted to give you all, the million-plus of you being my closest and dearest friends, an invitation to the first official one-man live show I have ever done. I am performing under my stage name so that the entire title of the piece is John A. Robinson: An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live.

Granted, I must tell you that the show is set for Saturday, June 4th at 7pm Central Time. It is taking place not in Atlanta but my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama–the place that spawned many of the stories I will be reading for you that night. If it makes you feel any better, it will be at Amendment XXI: a bar. Granted, a bar with a posh upstairs that has a stage…but a bar all the same. The kind that serves alcohol. Yes, I know, even in Alabama.

Even if it weren’t in a bar, I would be compelled to tell you: this show is for mature audiences only. This due to language and subject matter.

For those of you who can make it, the evening’s fare will be some poetry, some spoken word and some prose, fixed together with odd and somewhat amusing bridging stories. All are welcome.

For those of you who are reading this on some other continent or even some other end of this continent, or simply cannot make it: just know you were thought of.

If the show is a success, this may be repeated and in other venues. We shall see.

Thought you’d like to know. Thanks for your indulgence.

Threadless: Enter the Cute, Cuddly, Insidious, Dark Forest

Dark Forest by Justin White from Threadless

This week’s Threadless update gives us some fine items (even though they’re not in black). There’s the shirt that, to my mind anyway, puts Robert Anton Wilson in the role of Gandalf. There’s the shirt that is the Threadless answer to the infamous Threads (which I’ve warned you away from in many a podcast appearance).

And lastly, there’s the glorious morbid whimsy that is “Dark Forest” by Justin White. Click on the pic to embiggen and see the full design. On one hand: animals, looking cute and lovable. On the other hand, they’re dark with hollow, empty eyes. But the enchanted princess in the middle? Oh wait, she looks like she’s having a bad day. And what of the large stag in the back, pronouncing the single letter “X”? It’s like Walt Disney‘s Day of the Animals directed by Tim Burton or something. I dig it muchly.

For it and more, click through to the Threadless site. And they still have their $5 clearance sale going as well.

Threadless Holiday Sale is On

Threadless: Geek

Well, we let you know about these things when they happen–especially this time of year–because A) Threadless t-shirts make great gifts and 2) the sales tend to make your favorite shirts go out of stock in a hurry. So get a move on, because shirts are $12 each now.

In addition to shirts like “I Be Au Sm” (pictured), may we also suggest “Attack of Literacy” for you Readers out there, the bloody brilliant Scooby-Doo vs. the zombie apocalypse “We’ve Got Some Work to Do Now,” and the morbid whimsy of Alex Solis’ “Dreams.”

Also…they have kids’ shirts and onesies. Again, great gift ideas where you can avoid buying The Toys That Make The Noise. Good luck.

Morbid Inflatable Whimsy: We’ve Hit an Iceberg! Wheee!

Inflatable Titanic

How do you know you’ve been blogging for too long? Because you see something in person you’re certain you’ve written about before: namely the really awfully morbid “inflatable sinking Titanic slide.” You take a picture because you want to share it with everyone: “Look, folks, it’s real.” You bring the picture home, and you start looking around on your site for the previous post. No dice. You think, maybe it was on another site you did (the previous incarnation of Red Nose Net) and no it’s not there. In desperation, you Google it and find the original post that you remember seeing on somebody else’s blog (namely Boing Boing). So you come to the conclusion that you were so tired one day you saw the thing in question, thought you had blogged about it during a fugue state, and then went on blissfully with your day.

That being said: um, look, everybody: inflatable Titanic. I didn’t see the iceberg portion. And, admittedly, I forgot to check to see if “Titanic” was actually on it anywhere. But still. Wheee!