Poetry, Chocolate & Pornography: A Black Phoenix Valentine

Black Phoenix Smell Your Date

Well, yes, yesterday saw the return of Mandatory Romance Occasion or as it is commonly known, Valentine’s Day. That day when couples desperately reach for the same cliche activities like the Fancy Dinner TM, the dozen roses, and, you know, some sort of jewelry. And for the singles, you might have drowned your loneliness in some sort of sugar, fat, or alcohol or–and more likely–a combination of all three. But complaining about Valentine’s Day has become a cliche in itself. So no more bitching and moaning, we move on to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab‘s perfume that broaden your perspectives while delighting your nose.


Katy Towell’s Childrin R Skary: Twelve Deaths of Christmas

Childrin R Skary Christmas

Are all those visions of sugar plums making you want to spew? Are you plotting horrible revenge on the co-worker who has his radio on the all-Christmas Music station all day long? Have all those heartwarming movies on the Hallmark Channel sent you screaming to the Blockbuster to rent Faces of Death?

Well the dark goddess of Childrin R Skary, Katy Towell, is gifting the rest of us with The Twelve Deaths of Christmas. Check out the first one here. Ah, it does help the holiday treacle go down easier.


Katy Towell Speaks Truth: Childrin R Skary

Katy Towell: Childrin R Skary

Most people take comfort in the popular myth that children are innocent little angels that are all sweetness and light. Of course, we know the truth. That children are truly dark diminutive bundles of rage, viciousness, and deceit. We should know. We were those children. Some of the people on staff, at least mentally, still are.

Katy Towell understands what childhood is really about. We’ve featured her work before, but her web site Childrin R Skary is chock full of artwork and flash cartoons featuring tiny tykes being evil. We respect anyone who can mix zombies and flamenco.