Blair’s 2006 Halloween Reserve Hot Sauce

Well, I’m not too sad about having missed out on the 299 limited edition numbered bits of Blair’s 2006 Halloween Reserve Hot Sauce. Topped off with a skull and some lovely orange wax, it’s a little too hot for me, mind you. Although…dunno, maybe a drop of it in a bigass bowl of chili. But alas, they’ve already sold out. And the special Halloween Mega Death was only available at their store. Probably for the best. For my own self protection, no doubt.

Zombie Hot Sauce: Send Some to Your Aunt Alicia

Fleshfeast 2 Hot Sauce

Why didn’t we think of this? Zombie-themed hot sauces! Brilliant! They have a Fleshfeast trilogy of hot sauces plus a green hot sauce called Ghoul Drool. There’s also spices known as the Bone Shaker blend. You can even buy the whole lot in a cedar coffin packed with Spanish moss and with some maggots thrown in the mix! Frea-king wicked.

I wish I had found this ahead of time. I could have used some extra hot sauce to keep me awake during the majority of Orgy of the Dead. Jesus, what a terrible flick. I’ve never been so bored with ninety minutes of topless women in my entire life.

I digress.

Check out the hot sauces and more at Found via Boing Boing.


Bring That Good Pain

Well, guys, it appears you have a choice: your prostrate or your tastebuds. Most of us here on the staff are already in the clear, but which will you choose?

Siege will shortly be offering up his Flykiller Chili Recipe, no doubt. For the good of mankind, obviously.

Found via Slashdot.

Image taken from Gourmet Mike’s catalog. It’s Blair’s 2 A.M Reserve Hot Sauce. All you need to know is that even though it’s not the hottest sauce there is, if it didn’t have all that wax to make sure it stayed in the bottle till you were ready for it, it would carjack people as they tried to leave the store parking lot.