32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 21: Dead Men Walk!

Dead Men Walk (1943)

Today’s musical selection is from 1983: “Surf Bat” by 45 Grave. There are, of course, many great stories of how bands got their names. Their story is one of the best I’ve heard in quite a while. Don Bolles said in an interview over at Victim of Time that bandmate Paul Cutler had gotten him a gift at a thrift store. A giant button with a slogan on it.

It said “We Dig” and a huge number “45” and underneath it said “grave.” WE DIG 45 GRAVE. I said what? I’m just lookin’ at this thing like it’s this mystical object from space. We were laughing our asses off! ‘What the hell is this?’ … And I said, obviously this…obviously 45 Grave is now the name of our new band and this is obviously our 1st fan club button. And everyone said yes, of course, obviously.

Fantastic. So…”Surf Bat.”


Win Haunted Histories Vol. 2 on DVD

Haunted Histories Collection DVD cover art

On one hand, it bugs me that the History Channel is showing stuff that isn’t, you know, History. But the Cartoon Network is working on live action shows–so the world’s topsy turvy these days. Anyway, I can’t complain too loudly because I am a subscriber over at Coast to Coast AM…it’s wildly entertaining stuff. So I guess whatever works.

In the spirit (no pun intended) of this, History Channel has got a new collection of paranormal hoobah that they’ve got coming out next week. It’s five hours across five discs, featuring “Haunted Houses”, “In Search of the Real Frankenstein”, “More Haunted Houses: Tortured Souls and Restless Spirits”, “Voodoo Rituals”, and “Zombies.” Want to win it? Sure you do. Enter once a day, folks. It builds character.


And Now, Shoggoth Cosplay!

Tentacle Arm!

Is there a single person among us who can’t immediately think of a way to use this for evil? Upon reflection, I would love to create a haunted house on the water somewhere, like in a boathouse or a dock area, and turn it into a mini-Innsmouth. Everything looking slimy with blue-green indirect lighting, everybody looking like the supporting cast of Jenny Finn, and you have a plant in every party going through the area that gets “sacrificed” to something underwater. Even better, two plants–give the guy a girlfriend so the screaming adds some realism to it all.

People would freak right the hell out.

Aren’t you glad I don’t have time for something like that? It’d be in all the papers, that’s for sure.

Update: Alas, it’s no longer for sale there and haven’t been able to find a (non-inflatable) version. If somebody runs across one, let me know…