32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 7: Frankenstein!

Frankenstein (1931)

Out of the starting gates, we go to our #TrackoftheDay. And this time, it’s 1953 and Eartha Kitt with “I Want to Be Evil.” This is a “music video” (or as close as you could get at the time), obviously lip synced on some show with a live audience. And yes, for those of you keeping score, this song came out fourteen years before she took on the role of Catwoman. Talk about a long time to hear back about an audition.


32 Days of Halloween VI, Day 17: Tales of Frankenstein

Tales of Frankenstein

So here’s something interesting. The unsold pilot for Tales of Frankenstein. Apparently, Hammer wanted to make a Frankenstein series and the producers from across the pond wanted a more anthology approach: notice the anthology-like intro, which is really reaching. Basically, any really weird story is a “Tale of Frankenstein”? Really? You couldn’t just go with a sane concept and more generic title, like Suspense! or Escape! or something? Regardless…here it is…


32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 12: The Revenge of Frankenstein

Revenge of Frankenstein

Let me address this poster art snippet first. The tagline on many of the posters was “We dare you to see it! We double-dare you to forget it!” I’m sort of surprised they didn’t then say “We triple-dog-dare you to visit the concession stand!” Anyway.

It’s Frankenstein Night here at 32 Days of Halloween, and we look to our friends at Hammer and their series of films starring Peter Cushing. In case you want to watch them in order, first up was The Curse of Frankenstein, then this film, then The Evil of Frankenstein, Frankenstein Created Woman (which we haven’t posted yet), Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, then lastly Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (which also isn’t up yet).