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Your Weekend Justice #287: Science! And Eggs!

JON: Because that’s sex.ROX: No. No. Yoga. In a world that becomes more like Soylent Green: The Musical every day, we bring you the latest episode of Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 Audio Trainwreck.

Magnum Ice Cream bars

Your Weekend Justice #276: A Teaching Moment

Discussed: Discovering what’s too much for this podcast; Ken Burns: Tuffley After the Fall; Leonard Cohen vs. David Hasselhoff; Falco and other Austrians; Necco Wafers and Catholicism; What does Big Dub have under the counter? and more!

Mad Monster 1942

32 Days of Halloween XI, Day 12: The Mad...

At Disneyland, they shut the Haunted Mansion down for a while in order to transform it into a Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas mashup. And each year, there is a bigass gingerbread house featured during the ride. First up...

T. rex hiding in a gift bag

Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

There are many questions I have pondered during my sojourn. Some of them are new, such as “Why was there never a Scooby-Doo Movie where they teamed up with P-Funk?” Some of them are as old as time. Okay, maybe not that old. But this one...