Top 10 Things We’d Like to See Liam Neeson Fight Next

Liam Neeson, Badass

Liam Neeson is badass. This might be news to some, but not to me. I remember Rob Roy, where, among other things, he and Tim Roth engaged in one of the best on-screen swordfights of all time. If only the bad guys in Taken had gotten the memo. Regardless, some time in the past few years Neeson has become the go-to badass when you need something fought. He’s fought his own memory, he’s fought Batman, he’s even fought George Lucas’ lack of directorial skill. He even helped make The A-Team worth watching. And now the question of “What if we combined Taken and The Edge?” appears to have been answered with the new trailer for The Grey, in which Neeson is fighting wolves and wilderness.

Here, check it out…

Cruellest Month #6: Sonnet Omega Three

salmon heart

For National Poetry Month, we continue with 30 Days of Poetry Audio. This time it’s another original, from our very own Thespia. It’s “Sonnet Omega Three.”

You can download it directly here and a unique feed is here.

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Sleeping With the Fishes: Valentine’s Day at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium has an interesting program we’ve taken to calling “Sleeping With the Fishes.” It’s essentially exactly what you would interpolate from that title: a big sleepover hosted at the Aquarium. Sort of like a church lock-in except with whale sharks instead of Jesus and 50% less awkward groping.

This year they held one of these for Valentine’s Day so myself and Cosette, being our resident aqua-fanatic (she’s been swimming with the whale sharks at the Aquarium and you can find her series of Shark Week features here) decided to go for it.

And in short, we had a blast. We had tacked on to the beginning of the evening an additionally offered combo of dinner and a lecture, so we showed up at 6pm on Valentine’s Day at the Aquarium. We kept out sleeping bags and gear and such in the car and went straight to the Oceans Ballroom for the first part of the festivities.


AlexCF’s Deep Sea Delicacies

AlexCF Fish Case

Alex CF is a creator of strange curiosities of a bygone era that never existed and makes many a geek consider grand larceny. He has once again brought forth something from the depths of his imagination and from the depths of the ocean. Three examples of deep sea life have been lovingly presented in a hand made wood and glass case. Truly a cut above Big Mouth Billy Bass. It is now available for bidding at the venerable firm of Ebay. Also check out his website for more of his odd object d’art.