Sleeping With the Fishes: Valentine’s Day at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium has an interesting program we’ve taken to calling “Sleeping With the Fishes.” It’s essentially exactly what you would interpolate from that title: a big sleepover hosted at the Aquarium. Sort of like a church lock-in except with whale sharks instead of Jesus and 50% less awkward groping.

This year they held one of these for Valentine’s Day so myself and Cosette, being our resident aqua-fanatic (she’s been swimming with the whale sharks at the Aquarium and you can find her series of Shark Week features here) decided to go for it.

And in short, we had a blast. We had tacked on to the beginning of the evening an additionally offered combo of dinner and a lecture, so we showed up at 6pm on Valentine’s Day at the Aquarium. We kept out sleeping bags and gear and such in the car and went straight to the Oceans Ballroom for the first part of the festivities.


Calling All San Fran Paleogamers

If you are a reader of this site and of sufficient age to remember when we were happy to have video games at all, much less in high-def in the comfort of our own homes, then you might want to check out i am 8- bit. Filled with art based on the videogames of yesteryear from the finest geek artists around, it’s a treat. Here’s the artists’ group website as well.

However, if you live in San Fran, this coming Tuesday, you can catch the book release party at 111 Minna Gallery. Artist Dave Crosland will be on hand to create original artwork, which will then be raffled off. There will be music and hey, free classic video game play. So if you want to check out, do so and report back.

The rest of you will just have to make do ordering it from Amazon.