32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 28: The Lost Moment!

The Lost Moment (1947)

We’re closing in on the end of this year’s 32 Days of Halloween, believe it or not. And for today, we begin with our #TrackoftheDay, “Inner Sanctum” by Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra with vocals by Irene Daye. A gorgeous song, thought I’ve never been able to tie it officially into the Inner Sanctum franchise. Thought it would make sense, since it came out in 1947, which is the right time period for it. And the subject matter fits.


32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 25: The Beast With Five Fingers!

Beast With Five Fingers

So there are a ton of instrumental songs whose tenuous connection to Halloween is only the title. However, tonight’s music pick from 1961, “Night of the Vampire” by The Moontrekkers, suffers no such problems. Listen for yourself.

Then we come to another episode of the old-time radio horror show, The Weird Circle. This episode, from 1943, is based on “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Poe. It’s story that may make even you feel better about your existing family relationships.

Lastly, we come to The Beast With Five Fingers from 1946. So, you know it’s never a good start when a horror movie features a not-well person who is talking about their will. Because where there’s a will, there are people who really to see it. And because this is a horror movie, prepared to die to get people out of their way for it. Enjoy.

32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 20: The Raven!

The Raven (1935)

So today we kick off with a #TrackoftheDay that’s mainly Halloweenish by association. Yes, you may recognize this song–it was covered by INXS for The Lost Boys. But “Good Times” originated back in 1968 with another Australian band, The Easybeats. Both versions have their merits, but for tonight, here’s the original.


32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 18: Night Monster!

Night Monster (1942)

Today’s Halloween festivities begin with the Canadian band (though it’s more recently into a band of one), Zombie Girl. I’ve actually had this on my computer for quite some time and I do enjoy it for more than just this time of year. Then again, this time of year for me is all year round…but you get what I mean. This is from their EP, Back From the Dead.


32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 3: Before I Hang!

Boris Karloff in Before I Hang

Our feature film for tonight is 1940’s Before I Hang with Boris Karloff. But before we get there, it’s time for our #TrackoftheDay. This one’s from the Nightmare Revisited album–basically a Nightmare Before Christmas tribute/covers album. Rodrigo y Gabriela started in Mexico before moving to Dublin for several years and now they’re back in Mexico City. They play guitars like they’re trying to test them for fire resistance. Check it out for yourself: