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Don Knotts: Breakout

Atari: Discovering How Far You Can Go

Here’s the commercial that set me off this time. It’s just such an odd combo. Pete Rose playing a baseball game I understand. Don Knotts in prison, though? “Who should we get to playing the paddle in Breakout?”...

Over to Don Knotts for the Weather

A classic bit from The Steve Allen Show in 1960. According to Classic Television Showbiz, where we found this, Knotts only had one comedy album? What? How’s that happen? The man was a genius. Direct link for the feedreaders.

RIP: Don Knotts

Henry Limpet, Theodore Ogelvie, Ralph Furley, and, of course, Barney Fife, among many others. You made all of us laugh during your career of much hugeness. Time to lay that single bullet down and get some well-deserved rest. You’ll be...

Pleasantville (1998) – Movie Review

Written & Directed by: Gary RossStarring: Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, William H. Macy, Joan Allen, Jeff Daniels My Advice: Matinee. The real world sucks. We all know it’s true. And David (Maguire) is so clued into this fact...