Kickstarter Kthursday #6: Zombie Docu, Dice Rings & the iFlask

Doc of the Dead

So it’s not news that one of the principles that Need Coffee lives by is: “If it’s undead and bleeds, it leads.” We’re zombie fiends here and we’re not ashamed of that fact. So when somebody wants to make a documentary about the rise of zombies in pop culture–and what looks to be a comprehensive and damn good one, too–we take notice.

It’s Doc of the DeadSimon Pegg and George Romero are already interviewed for the thing…and for my part, I want to back it just so I can lay hands upon the footage of the “unique trans-generational zombie town hall meeting featuring George A. Romero, Max Brooks (World War Z) and Steven Schlozman (The Zombie Autopsies), in partnership with Mr. Romero himself, the Denver Film Society and the Mile High Horror Film Festival.”

I know, right? For more info you can check out the official site and the Kickstarter is here. The Kickstarter vid which includes their first trailer comes after the jump:


Superlative Etsy Finds #5: Plushy Bugs, Hand-Forged Dice, and Cthulhu Masks

Scarab Beetle plush soft sculpture

New things are afoot over at Etsy right now–first off, they have a new About page for shops that lets you see a little bit behind-the-scenes of what goes on to make the items offered (and helps you make sure you’re not buying something you think is handmade that’s really cranked out by a sweatshop full of six-year-olds in Taiwan). There aren’t a lot of them up yet, since the option to build one just became available recently, but I would encourage anyone shopping to check out the About page of the shops they’re perusing. All of the ones I’ve seen have been really interesting. If you’re curious, here’s the one for my shop, House of Whimsy (which features Hellpuppy Kora, of course).

In other news, Etsy is hosting a Christmas in July Sale that many stores are participating in–search cij or christmasinjuly tags (or just Christmas in July) to find some great deals. It officially runs until 7/22, but a lot of shops seem to be extending their sale items until the end of the month.

This week, we have some quite excellent selections, starting with this bright and cheery plush Scarab Beetle sculpture from weirdbuglady (aka Brigette). Need an amoeba or a planarian to cuddle up with? She’s got you covered. When she isn’t creating new plush creepy-crawlies, she’s working on her PhD in entomology, which would explain why you can search organisms in her shop by Phylum. Nice.

The Grue Café #3: Skype Falls, Everyone Dies

Doc Ezra flamingo

And now we bring you the post-DragonCon episode of The Grue Café, starring Kim, Rox of Spazhouse and special guest Dom. Also in attendance is Flamingo Doc Ezra. The panel discusses, when they are not being thrown about by Skype, post-DragonCon info, fun with RPGs and video games in America vs. video games in Germany. Dice addiction is briefly touched upon as well.

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To download this episode directly, The Grue Café #3: Skype Falls, Everyone Dies, then do that thing.

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Treasure Tables vs. The Dice of Doom

Sometimes dice go bad. They were brought up right by their parents, did well in school, but somewhere along the way…and it’s nothing you did necessarily…they just turn on you. When they’re beyond saving, and they seem to do nothing but screw up your rolls, you can do what Treasure Tables did…and bury them in your backyard to rid yourself of their “projectile-vomiting, masturbating-with-a-crucifix, possessed-by-the-Devil” badness.

Of course, if they’re really that evil, effectively “planting” them in ground where they can grow some kind of hellish plant creature probably wasn’t the best idea, come to think of it…

Found via Boing Boing.