Your Weekend Justice #22: The Pudding That Came to Spazhouse

Shemp Howard

And we’re back. We don’t remember where we were, though. So don’t ask us, please.


  • Catfights at Spazhouse
  • Vagina accessories
  • What Can We Learn About Jon This Episode?
  • More about Jon’s eating habits–but we’re learning nothing new about it
  • Red Nose Net
  • Caffeine-o-Vision!
  • Guinness Book of Lame Records
  • Who will fall out first?
  • Widge and naps
  • Brian Blessed audiobooks
  • Rob on Watchmen
  • WTF happened to Widge?
  • Widge’s Watchmen screenplay review
  • (more…)

Stuff You Need to Know, Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader book cover art
  • Dawn Treader has no Disney. Hollywood Reporter does an analysis of the situation fairly well, showing that the Narnia franchise is on a downward slope and Disney feels like it’s time to get while the getting’s good. Of course, what they leave out is that the reason Lion did well as compared to Caspian is that fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us. Your Caspian audience, I think, were the kids who just didn’t know any better. But of course, Hollywood, since it can’t accept responsibility when it fucks up something, will simply show this as waning interest in fantasy flicks for kids. Morons.
  • Clive Owen will star in Cartagena a story about the fit hitting the shan for an undercover agent who’s in the middle of the Colombian drug cartel scene. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
  • Interesting. Rather than screw around with the censors and so forth in China, Warner Brothers just isn’t releasing Dark Knight in China. Which means that those who haven’t already purchased a pirated copy in that country will now. Source: Variety.
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    Stuff: I Sell the Dead Talk Show

    I Sell the Dead
  • Jay Leno is staying at NBC and getting a show at 10pm. Basically this is to keep Leno in-house and yet still let Conan have The Tonight Show. This also, as the article points out, saves the network money because it’s cheaper to have a Leno-fronted talk show than to have five hour-long series to fill that Monday through Friday hole in their schedule. And now CBS and ABC get the eyes of anybody who doesn’t want to watch a talk show. Of course, this all assumes that people watch anything when it actually airs anymore. Seriously: do you know anybody who doesn’t timeshift using some sort of DVR product?
  • Have you heard of a film called I Sell the Dead? Starring Ron Perlman, Dominic Monaghan, and…yes, Angus Scrimm is in there too. Some sort of period grave-robbing/zombie/comedy?
  • Stuff You Need to Know, Friday, December 5, 2008

    Fred Thompson

    Every so often there’s a story that warrants 500 words. These are not those stories. Enjoy.

  • Amazon‘s deal today? 62% off The X-Files: Complete Collector’s Edition, which is the whole series plus the first movie. It’s normally about $330, right now it’s $123.99 or until they run out. You can snag yours here.
  • Fred Thompson returns to television in a guest shot on Life on Mars U.S. as the chief of detectives. Look on the bright side, Fred: it probably pays better than the job you were trying for earlier. Source: EW.
  • Dark Knight is getting re-released on January 23rd. This to push it past the $1B mark. If you didn’t catch it on the big screen, in the name of Adam West himself, I demand you fix this situation at that time. Source: Variety.
  • Give Disney credit: sometimes they ain’t dumb. Where a slew of Broadway shows are shuttering starting January 4th, Disney has introduced the “Kids Go Free!” deal. For their shows The Lion King, Mary Poppins and Little Mermaid–you get a free ticket for a child for every adult ticket purchased for performances between January 6th and March 13th. The deal is good through December 12th assuming they don’t run out. Three days of sales = $1M. Source: Variety.
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    Win Dark Knight on Blu-Ray!

    Dark Knight Blu-Ray cover art

    So there was a Batman movie this year. Maybe you’ve heard of it. We happen to have a spare copy of the thing on Blu-Ray. And if you’re interested in winning one, then I think you should enter using the form below.

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