Kickstarter Kthursday #7: Smith Tapes, Killer Chihuahuas & Cthulhu Combat

Frank Zappa: Smith Tapes Box Set

It’s no secret that we’re big on posterity around here. It’s important to keep stuff around so it can be enjoyed/studied/maybe-even-understood by future generations. Hence we lead off this round of Kickstarter fun with The Smith Tapes Box Set. Video comes after the break but the gist is this: Howard Smith, Village Voice writer and DJ, conducted interviews between 1969 and 1972. You might have heard of some of the people he talked to: Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Joe Cocker and scads more. The original tapes of these interviews have just recently seen the light of day again. They’re going to be released via iTunes–a hundred of them–eventually.

However, for those people who still appreciate physical products–they’re doing a limited edition, numbered twelve-CD boxed set with eighteen interviews on it. The Kickstarter supports the creation of this set. (The Zappa disc cover art is pictured.) While the set is too pricey for me, there are ways to get in on a lower level and support the project. Hell, I just wish they had a way to pledge and get the digital version. But regardless, this is a sweet project and it looks amazing–and better yet, from the snippets they make available, it sounds like it’s going to be fantastic.


Kickstarter Kthursday #4: Ostriches, Cthulhu & Other Monsters

Ostrich pillow

So wound up taking a week off again last week due to a bit of overwhelm, but we’re back with more Kickstarters that make me amused and/or excited and/or willing to throw coin at people. Ignore the silent K and we begin with this:

While I make the claim of never sleeping that is, unfortunately–with our current level of science, anyway–a bit of a stretch. I do on occasion give in and have to shut my eyes for a few minutes. And while the creators of this first Kickstarter talk a lot about power napping–I have mastered the art of the power coma. Whenever I stop moving, my body goes on auto-pilot and tries to shut down to conserve what little energy I have remaining. I’m like the walking version of that website where people try to document how far their cars can go after their empty gas tank indicator has come on.

So that being said, when I do conk out, there are more effective ways to do it than simply putting my head down in a zoo full of screaming children and peacocks (long story). So the Ostrich Pillow shows some promise in that regard. And not just because the dude in the picture there looks like some kind of bizarre cosplay E.T.-by-way-of-Gerald-Scarfe-rendered-in-felt.

Superlative Etsy Finds #5: Plushy Bugs, Hand-Forged Dice, and Cthulhu Masks

Scarab Beetle plush soft sculpture

New things are afoot over at Etsy right now–first off, they have a new About page for shops that lets you see a little bit behind-the-scenes of what goes on to make the items offered (and helps you make sure you’re not buying something you think is handmade that’s really cranked out by a sweatshop full of six-year-olds in Taiwan). There aren’t a lot of them up yet, since the option to build one just became available recently, but I would encourage anyone shopping to check out the About page of the shops they’re perusing. All of the ones I’ve seen have been really interesting. If you’re curious, here’s the one for my shop, House of Whimsy (which features Hellpuppy Kora, of course).

In other news, Etsy is hosting a Christmas in July Sale that many stores are participating in–search cij or christmasinjuly tags (or just Christmas in July) to find some great deals. It officially runs until 7/22, but a lot of shops seem to be extending their sale items until the end of the month.

This week, we have some quite excellent selections, starting with this bright and cheery plush Scarab Beetle sculpture from weirdbuglady (aka Brigette). Need an amoeba or a planarian to cuddle up with? She’s got you covered. When she isn’t creating new plush creepy-crawlies, she’s working on her PhD in entomology, which would explain why you can search organisms in her shop by Phylum. Nice.

Win Cthulhu Tequila (The T-Shirt, Anyway) from Tshirt Bordello!

Cthulhu Tequila

It’s the return of the ever-popular Cthulhu Tequila t-shirt, hitting again from your friends at Tshirt Bordello. We’ve got a snippet up of the artwork, so click through to their site to see the full thing.

As when we gave this away the last time (it was such a hit, we decided for a reprise), the following are its specs: the tequila in question is 40% ABV and sold in 750ml containers. It’s “Distilled and Bottled in Arkham Massachusetts by the H.P. Lovecraft Co. Est. 1926.” The slogan is “This time the Wyrm eats you!” Yes.

We’ve got an XL version of it to give away. Want to win it? Perfect. Here’s how that happens: you enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it! Good luck!

Win a Cthulhu Tequila T-Shirt from Tshirt Bordello!

Cthulhu Tequila

A spin on the classic “Cthulhu Tequila” idea (and has somebody made a real Cthulhu Tequila drink? And if not…why not?) from our friends and yours at Tshirt Bordello. Click through to their site to see the full design. But it’s reportedly 40% ABV and sold in 750ml containers. The drink is “Distilled and Bottled in Arkham Massachusetts by the H.P. Lovecraft Co. Est. 1926.” The slogan, of course, is “This time the Wyrm eats you!” Love it.

They’ve sent along an XL version of the shirt for us to give away. Want to win it? Naturally. (Or unnaturally, however you prefer.) Enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it. Good luck!