The SFOP Appreciation Society #3: Rogue

How Fast Can You Swim? Rogue

And we’re back to bring to order another meeting/podcast of The SFOP Appreciation Society. It stars Leigh and Dindrane (with engineering by PhantomV48 and intro narration by Doc), and the focus is on SyFy Original Pictures and their cinematic cousins.

These are audio commentaries. Mostly. You can either listen along with your own copy of their third film, Rogue (assuming you have one), or you can listen along with whatever it is you’re doing in your regular life. And don’t worry that you can’t listen without synching up with a version of the film–they can barely sync themselves up to it. Regardless, enter into the presence of: The SFOP Appreciation Society.

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Rogue: There Will Be Croc

Rogue Teaser Poster

There’s really no higher height to which a movie can aspire than to feature the death, mutilation, or death AND mutilation of packs of Yuppies. You know you’re with me on this. So just take a gander at the following movie poster, and you’ll be as awed and excited as I am about Dimension Films’ upcoming April 25th release of ROGUE. This film earns the industry’s real highest honor: the Dindrane-Leigh Seal of Approval for Gratuitous Human Deaths.

There will be blood. Oh yes. There will be blood.

Just look at that eye! (Click through to see it embiggened–the whole poster, not just the eye.) That eye wants to EAT YOU. I mean, for God’s sake people, what more could you really want?

Lake Placid (1999) – Movie Review

Lake Placid movie poster

Written by: David E. Kelley
Directed by: Steve Miner
Starring: Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt, Brendan Gleeson, Betty White

My Advice: Wait and Rent It.

Sheriff Keogh (Gleeson) is a man with a problem. Namely that a fish and game warden just got bit in half on his watch. All the excitement brings not only another warden (Pullman), but a paleontologist (Fonda), and the obligatory half-crazed rich person (Platt). When everybody’s assembled, it’s obvious that whatever is in the lake is really old…and really hungry.

This movie comes from a genre of film that’s kind of hard to get balanced: a fun horror movie. You know what I mean–you have The Exorcist at one end of the spectrum and Army of Darkness at the other. This one strives toward the latter, and to its credit, it makes some large strides. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s read or seen anything having to do with this flick that’s the creature in question is a bloody great crocodile. All of the Stan Winston creature FX are pretty nice to behold, and I was pleased to find that the beast was not only scientifically feasible but explained over the course of the film. What a relief. The humor portions of the film were…well, humorous. Also a welcome change. The dialogue was fast and witty and at no point did the conflicting genres strangle each other to death. Thank David Kelley for this, who manages to make a “When Animals Attack” film worth watching.