32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 20: The Raven!

The Raven (1935)

So today we kick off with a #TrackoftheDay that’s mainly Halloweenish by association. Yes, you may recognize this song–it was covered by INXS for The Lost Boys. But “Good Times” originated back in 1968 with another Australian band, The Easybeats. Both versions have their merits, but for tonight, here’s the original.


32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 18: Night Monster!

Night Monster (1942)

Today’s Halloween festivities begin with the Canadian band (though it’s more recently into a band of one), Zombie Girl. I’ve actually had this on my computer for quite some time and I do enjoy it for more than just this time of year. Then again, this time of year for me is all year round…but you get what I mean. This is from their EP, Back From the Dead.


32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 16: Night of Terror!

Night of Terror (1933)

Holy crap, these things fly by! We are halfway through our twelfth year of 32 Days of Halloween. Tonight we kick off with our #TrackoftheDay, a 1989 classic from The Ramones. It’s “Pet Sematary,” the theme (?) from the original movie adaptation. Apparently, King was a big fan of The Ramones, and rightly so. Are they the only band that are known for a horror movie theme song as well as a badass cover of an animated superhero series? Probably.