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Carter’s Antique Toy Museum

On our recent road trip, we made lots of interesting discoveries. One of my favorites was this gem: Carter’s Antique Toy Museum in Zionsville, Indiana. About seventeen miles from Indianapolis, it’s a building with three floors...

What Did You Get For Xmas?

Well, the dust is clearing and now we can see who wound up with what loot. Once I figure out what the hell we did with the digital camera I’ll post a pic of what Siege made for me. And if you know Siege, then you should probably start...

Dennis Weaver in Duel

A History of Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Finding a set of antique pistols in a Croatian museum might be, in our experience, an opportunity to say, “Ooh. That’s pretty cool.” This would probably be followed by “How the hell did I suddenly wind up in Croatia...

Boat Anchor Antique Phones For Sale

Neatorama points us to some kickass antique (some real, some reproductions) phones for sale at Distinctive Telephones. We call them Miriam's Dead phones, as a nod to a Dylan Moran routine.