Make The Bad Men Stop 2019

From last year’s DragonCon hullaballoo, our inaugural panel, in which we gather to make the audience wail and gnash their teeth. Why? Because we’re telling them what Hollywood is going to do to those books, cartoons, games, breakfast cereals, etc. that they love.

On the panel this year: Kim, Leigh, Rob Levy, Rox of Spazhouse, ScottC, Tuffley, & a golem of regret. Enjoy.

#TrackOfTheDay: “454” by Jam Nation

from Burkina Faso, Canada, UK (1993)

Jam Nation: Way Down Before Buffalo Hell

One of the lovely things among many lovely things about Real World Records was their tendency to get a bunch of diverse musicians in a room and let them spend some serious time coming up with songs together. One of the results of this was 1993’s Way Down Below Buffalo Hell, the only release from the group known as Jam Nation. Many, many musicians threw down on the various tracks, but this track has vocals by Daniel Lanois & Gary Dyson, drums by Dave Barbarosa, and Baba Diarra & Bakari Traoré on balafon.

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That Handsome Devil: They’re Bein’ Clean

That Handsome Devil - "It Ain't Easy"

Well, at least while we’re all trapped inside our homes waiting for science to save us all, we can get entertained. Taking part is That Handsome Devil, a band from Brooklyn I discovered recently…I don’t even remember how. But I’m sure glad I did. They are gloriously gonzo and demented, which is further evidenced by frontman Godforbid hanging out with a special friend to while away the time of the plague. “For your quarantined enjoyment,” they said. Oh yes indeed. Just make sure you wash your hands after using a slide.

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People I Met Online (PIMO) #1: Matt Cohen

People I Met Online (PIMO) is a podcast in which Dom (German member of Need Coffee International) selfishly practices his language skills by talking to native speakers he met over the internet. Basically, he is just virtually hanging out with people he wants to talk to and you can listen to it. We invite you to feel like a government agent who is surveilling a foreigner. Enjoy!

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Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chill’d – Ice Cream Review

Every few months, it seems, Reese’s comes out with some new variation on their signature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. One was the Peanut Butter Lovers version: a top layer of peanut butter (ish?) stuff on top of a small layer of chocolate, then the regular filling. If you’re one of those people, who love the hell out of some peanut butter, well…then you’re doomed. Make peace with your gods, because I’ve found the ice cream that’s been sent to Earth specifically to kill you.

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