Stuff You Need to Know: Herbert West For the Defense

Re-Animator Hack Slash crossover
  • The Booths is a series on Showtime that will feature the Booth brothers–one of them being John Wilkes–and the time before J.W. went on to kill President Lincoln. Kevin Bacon will executive producer. If it’s anything like The Tudors on Showtime, there will be an odd amount of exposed flesh for a period piece… Source: Variety.
  • Devil’s Due comic Hack/Slash is having issues with somebody who claims to have the rights to Re-Animator, so Diamond has decided, for legal reasons, not to distribute the planned three-issue crossover (or at least not distribute it any more). Devil’s Due is therefore self-distributing them.

    Buy your copies here if you want to check them out–looks like it’ll be the only way to do so. For more details on the weird nature of this, check out io9. (Update: Site is long gone.)

    This actually has nothing to do with the comic, but I wish somebody would hack and slash this video.

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  • Stuff You Need to Know, Friday, October 3, 2008

    Stephen Fry from QI
  • Chortle reports good news for QI: first, it’s making the move to BBC1 from BBC2. Both Stephen Fry and Alan Davies return. If that wasn’t enough, they want a spinoff. A pilot has been commissioned for BBC2 called The QI Test and will have non-celebs on the panel. Fry will not be hosting this show. “The concept of The QI Test is to show that members of the public can be just as interesting as TV pundits. It also intends to celebrate knowledge rather than humiliating contestants.” While I admit that most of the people I know are more interesting than the people on television are usually, that’s pretty tough to put people up against the likes of the panelists on that show–much less Stephen himself. The pilot will be shot in November. Source: Chortle here and here. Image source.
  • A one-time staged reading of the screenplay for All About Eve with Annette Bening as Margo (the Bette role)? With more casting news to come? You guys better damn well film this. That’s one of my favorite screenplays ever. Source: Variety.
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    Stuff: Russell Brand’s Hair To Be More Convincing CG Than Yogi Bear

    Russell Brand
  • Russell Brand has been signed by Comedy Central to do a one-hour stand-up special. It will be taped in NYC in November and air on the network in 2009. Brand’s comment: “Comedy Central is the home of ‘South Park,’ ‘The Daily Show,’ and ‘The Sarah Silverman Program.’ I am thrilled to have such esteemed neighbours — particularly Sarah whom I shall be constantly troubling for cups of sugar and milk, breast milk.” Nice.
  • Amazon is selling the two-disc Pride & Prejudice from A&E Home Video with Colin Firth for 60% off, i.e. $16. Just today or while stocks last, whichever ends first. Grab yours here.
  • Battle: Los Angeles is “‘Black Hawk Down’ meets ‘Independence Day.'” It’s about a marine taking on an alien invasion in the streets of Los Angeles. Scribe is Chris Bertolini (General’s Daughter). The director on board is Jonathan Liebesman (Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning). Pic is still in pre-production. Source: Hollywood Reporter.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Graysons, Meet the Graysons…

    Dick Ward as Robin
  • This is interesting: instead of doing a Bruce Wayne series–because that would make way too much sense–CW is working on The Graysons, the tale of Robin’s pre-Robin days. This is from Smallville executive producers and McG, Supernatural executive producer. There will be a pilot. The article refers to Dick Grayson as “Dick ‘DJ’ Grayson.” I don’t ever recall seeing “DJ” as a nickname for Dick–maybe I’m missing something and UM can help me out with that. They’re scrambling around trying to figure out what to have to take the place of Smallville when it inevitably ends. The article also mentions that McG’s company has got Human Target at Fox. This will be the second time it’s been brought to television. Here, have a look at the first.

    Yes, that’s Rick Springfield. And R. Lee Ermey. Later in this episode, Springfield fights David Carradine. Seriously. Source: Variety.

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    Stuff You Need to Know, Tuesday, September 30, 2008

  • Marvel has signed a deal with Paramount to distribute their next five films. This after they, you know, didn’t do too shabby working together on Iron Man. The films included? Iron Man 2 (May 7, 2010); Thor (July 16, 2010); the needlessly long-titled The First Avenger: Captain America (May 6, 2011); The Avengers (July 15, 2011); Iron Man 3 (TBA).

    I would like a commentary on the Captain America movie with the cast of this and the 1990 feature film. Just because.

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    Stuff You Need to Know, Monday, September 29, 2008

    Thor by Walt Simonson

    Pop culture news in little espresso shot-sized chunks. Because you have better things to do with your time than read 500 word posts on each of these.

  • Congratulations, Marvel. You have managed to get my attention by getting Kenneth Branagh in talks to helm Thor, which is slated to hit cinemas in 2010. Trouble is the script is by Mark Protosevich, who is infamous in my mind for having written I Am Legend…for Schwarzenegger. Yes, it was terrible. Donald Blake will be the version of Thor in the film. Now bring in Walt Simonson to do design work and you’ll have me actually looking forward to this. Source: Variety.
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, those mad geniuses who do Lovecraft better than anyone, have The Shadow Out of Time coming out from their Dark Adventure Radio Theatre on October 1st. You can get it on MP3 or CD, and the CD has bonus bits. They also announced The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Find their goodness here. Found via SFFAudio.
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