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Maureen Stapleton

RIP: Maureen Stapleton

Defamer is right. Your career was an impressive one, but my generation wore out untold VHS copies of Johnny Dangerously. So good night, Ma. Rest well.

Darren McGavin

RIP: Darren McGavin

Kolchak finally gets to do some investigative work on the Other Side. Good night, Old Man. Rest well.

Shelley Winters

RIP: Shelley Winters

Mark Evanier has a much better obit than I could write. Article from the NY Times here. Rest well, Ms. Winters.

Earthsea poster

Ghibli Meets Ged

What happens when one of Japan’s greatest animation studios takes on one of fantasy’s best loved franchises? If the movie poster (click here to see the whole thing) is any...

Milk and Cheese: Nipsey Russell tag!

RIP: Nipsey Russell

We found out from Defamer that Nipsey Russell has finally sold the last of the peanut brittle. Rest well, sir. Thanks for everything.