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Dave McKean: Coraline

Coraline: The 3-D Trailer! Now in 2-D!

The Neil points out that somebody shot the Coraline trailer, apparently from the audience. This is a 3-D trailer and naturally shooting from what I guess was a phone camera isn’t...

Why So Serious

“Leaked” Dark Knight Trailer

So Ain’t It Cool has got the trailer (and it looks like the embed’s been replaced at least once since they put it up early this morning). Whatever, it’s out in the...

Ray Bradbury laughing

Happy Birthday, Ray Bradbury Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ray Bradbury has his birthday today. Before we do anything else, I would urge you to go and purchase, if you have not already done so...

RIP: Robert Anton Wilson

Doc speaks. The final entry on RAW’s blog. Rest well, brother and teacher. “But there are no endings, any more than there are any beginnings…”