Stuff: Reynholm Industries Thanks You For Your Patronage

IT Crowd Limited Edition Set

Some websites think you have all the time in the world to suck from their news teat all day, everyday. We cut out all the hoobah and pass the time savings on to you. You’re welcome.

  • Your friend and proud Bad Movie Club papa, Graham Linehan, wants to remind you that The IT Crowd‘s first season has all three seasons in a limited edition Region 2 boxed set available from Amazon UK. The packaging…is brilliant. Snag yours here. Or if you’re one of the five people who haven’t hacked your DVD player yet so you can play any region, the Region 1 set of the first series is here.

    Seriously, DVD companies? You know the only thing keeping people from buying from whatever region they want? Shipping costs. Your region code thing is an outdated joke. Please get rid of it.

  • The Adjustment Bureau, based on the Philip K. Dick story “Adjustment Team,” has George Nolfi (Bourne 3) on board to scribe and helm with Matt Damon attached as well. No studio yet. It’s the story of “a man who discovers that his reality is, in effect, a giant soundstage controlled and manipulated by mysterious guardians.” The only way to make that story idea more terrifying is that it’s a greenscreen soundstage. And he also learns that his reality is directed by Robert Zemeckis and every person in his life is mo-capped by Tom Hanks. With Andy Serkis in the only other live action role. My idea’s rapidly descending into the horror genre, isn’t it? Source.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Sam Jackson is Finally (Again) Nick Fury

    Sam Jackson is Nick Fury
  • Marvel has finally gotten their head out of their ass and signed Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury in their barrage of upcoming movies. Sadly, Marvel Films has started to act like Marvel Comics: let’s setup this guy to be Ultimate Nick Fury, pattern the character after him, make geeks jump for joy when we cast him, and then lowball him until his involvement is in jeopardy. And this guy’s a comic geek–when you’re offering a comic geek too little money to be a pivotal comic movie character? That’s just fucking stupid. Glad they sought therapy. Source.
  • That’s right, it’s that time again. For our American readers, the government is about to set fire to a stack of your hard-earned money. Not literally, but they might as well be. Rather than belabor the point I’ll just mention that Amazon has tax software available to download to help you through this trying time of the year. And I’ll say this and get off the soapbox: I think, by law, everyone in the federal government should be required to do their taxes themselves–without aid of software or an accountant. If they can’t do it, then maybe they should think about tax law reform. I’m just saying.
  • All of that electronic crap you have cluttering up your domicile? Best Buy will take it and recycle it for $10 a piece. And for every piece, you get a $10 gift card in return. There are limitations beyond the two items a day maximum–here’s the site with more info. Source.
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    Stuff: Tokyo vs. Zombies, The Bennets vs. Predator

    Pride and Predator

    Sorry we’ve been away. You’ll see why shortly. Busy stuff. Now we play catchup.

  • Well, we told you about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at the beginning of December and the rest of the net appears to be in catchup mode. I say that because not a day goes by where somebody doesn’t send the Chronicle Books entry to me. One day, my site will be cool enough for people to actually read it. Anyway, io9 does report, however, that it’s already got a bidding war going and the damn thing’s not even published yet. And what’s more now there’s Pride and Predator? When it rains, it pours, I guess.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Atlas Shrugged Gets Shrugged Off. Good.

    Atlas Shrugged
  • Atlas Shrugged has fallen through, although Lionsgate is still interested after Angelina Jolie passed on Dagny. This is for the best. It can’t be made into a film. Sorry, but it can’t. Especially with a screenwriter who doesn’t even grasp the basic plot points of the book–not even talking philosophy, just, you know, events and timelines. Source.
  • We’ve asked before, hypothetically (allegedly), “How hard is it to rob a bank?” And now we must ask it again, because they’re auctioning off the historical bits owned by the late, great Forry Ackerman. “Ackerman’s will stipulates that his estate’s share of the profits be divided among his friends.” Well done, Forry. Source.
  • Apparently Amazon is offering free game trial downloads now…? And some real downloads for $9.99 and under? Also, speaking of Amazon, they have Wiis in stock. So if you were looking for one…well, they annoyingly won’t let me direct link–no idea what nonsense that’s about–but if you go to the front page of the Video Games section you’ll find them.
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    Stuff: The Things That Happened Before The Thing

    The Thing prequel

    An entire website’s worth of pop culture news in a single post. Because it’s silly to rewrite press releases into 500 word articles…wouldn’t you say?

  • I understand there’s something or other called the Super Bowl happening today…or…something? All I know is that Amazon has got the Super Bowl I-XL collector’s set for $54.99, which is 63% off the list price of $149.98. As always, it’s good for today only and while stocks last. Click here to buy yours.
  • The Thing is getting a prequel where we find out the story on the Norwegian camp that got wasted before we joined our heroes. Since Norwegian horror seems to be taking off, I would be behind this if they shot it like one of the Norwegian indie films we’ve seen recently, like Dead Snow or Cold Prey. I would trust Norway to do this right before I’d trust Hollywood. Source.
  • The BAFTA nominee full list is now available here. Speaking of awards: wow, Kung Fu Panda was named best feature at the Annie animation awards.
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    Stuff: Space Travel–Wussies Need Not Apply

    NASA Day of Remembrance

  • Today is NASA’s Day of Remembrance. I was going to write up something on this, but Doc broke radio silence on his site to have at it. And he says it better than I could. Go and read.
  • Amazon‘s sale today is for the complete series of Get Smart. It’s $67.99, which is 66% off the list price of $199.95. Nice. This is a fairly swank set, I own it myself and recommend it for any fan of the show. You can snag yours here. That’s today only and while stocks last.

    Also they’ve got an indie/international sale with titles as low as $5.99. You can find that here.

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