DJ Earworm vs. 2011: World Go Boom

DJ Earworm State of Pop 2011 Mashup: World Go Boom

In what has become an annual tradition (that winds up making me familiar with a lot of songs I couldn’t normally be arsed to listen to during the year without someone like Earworm to make them somehow more enjoyable in mashup form), DJ Earworm strikes once more with the latest in his United State of Pop series.

What the hell is it? He takes the Top 25 hits in the U.S. during the year–then mashes them all into a single song. And unlike just laying down beats and words indiscriminately, he somehow manages to make the thing coherent. No idea how he does it. It makes my eyelashes hurt just thinking about how you process that. But it’s here, nonetheless.

For more info and the complete list of tracks he used, go here. For more of his work, check out his official site.

What I Want From “The Dark Knight Rises”

Dark Knight Rises Poster

So, in case you hadn’t heard, the full trailer for The Dark Knight Rises went live, and it is oh so very much yes. But, in addition to just showing you this brand new hotness and asking you “Christopher Nolan: Great Director? Or GREATEST Director?” I want to take a moment of your time to engage in some wild and nearly baseless speculation.

Now, some of you may not know it but, within the past three years or so, there’s been a thing in comics called “Batman, Inc.” The gist is this: Bruce Wayne has finally realised the extent of what he can do with all of his money and resources, and has started sending himself and other members of the Batman Family out into the world to recruit local candidates to be Batman in that city/part of the world.

Each new recruit has their own codename, but they all wear an easily recognisable version of the Symbol of the Bat. This says, “You know who Batman is. Look at me. I’m Batman. I have all of the Batman’s resources and the full weight of his network of support.” This is really just the logical extension of what had already been happening in an organic way with the rest of the Batman Family.


SOPA: How to Turn Their Big Bad Weapon Against Them


So. SOPA is happening (Wikipedia, which is always right, definition here; latest madness about it here). I will be amazed if it doesn’t get passed. And before I tell you what my reaction is, I would urge you to read my rationale behind it before you get pissed off and leave. But the beauty of it is, you are free to do so. But honestly, stick around. What I have to say might interest you.

My reaction is: fine. Do it.

Still with me? Good. Here’s why I say that.

The only line I remember from Gene Wilder’s show Something Wilder was this: “The problem with bad taste is that you can’t explain it to someone who has it.” And the problem with dealing with unreasonable people is that reasonable people–and I would include both you and I in that–have trouble fathoming where the unreasonable person is coming from. Because we have a distinct disconnect between reasonable and unreasonable. And we, being reasonable, don’t understand that some people simply cannot be reasoned with.

But here’s the truth. Some people simply cannot be reasoned with. The best way I have found to get unreasonable people to realize you’re right is to simply give them what they want. Even if–and especially if–you, being reasonable, know that what they think they want isn’t, ultimately, what they want.

Are you following me here? Let me give you an example from my own life. Stay with me. I promise, I’m saying all this for a reason.


Ready to Walk Through It, Now Just Searching For the Door

Katie West

Recently, photographer, writer, all around interesting person, and friend of the show, Ms. Katie West wrote an article on the impact of The Matrix on the culture and minds of a certain generation: “I CAN ONLY SHOW YOU THE DOOR, YOU’RE THE ONE THAT HAS TO WALK THROUGH IT.

In this essay, Ms. West laments the lack of inspirational future narratives to be found in our culture these days, saying that, when we see the re-imagining of old promises in film, TV, and so on, we’re seeing a set of promises the like of which we haven’t seen since:

Unlike all those people in 1969 who have memories of where they were when Neil Armstrong said those famous words, I have no memory of where I was when the first person walked on Mars, or where I was when we achieved warp speed, because it never happened. I only remember where I was when terrible things happened. I know exactly where I was when planes crashed into buildings (in the darkroom at my high school developing pictures), or where I was when a tsunami almost wiped out an entire country I loved (in a bar in Los Angeles meeting people from the internet).

And the thing is, she’s right.


Alcohol Quest #4: How to Make the Big Bry Manhattan

Makers Mark Seal

For our latest adventure into the land of mixological mayhem, we go to Leigh, Minister of Fine Spirits, showing you what she does best. She is joined by Big Dub (aka Big Bry), giving her moral support. And drinking support. Because both are necessary. The task: how to make a perfect sweet Manhattan, which Leigh dubs (Big Dubs perhaps) “The Big Bry Manhattan.” Along the way, something is learned about bar gear, a glimpse of Leigh’s massive booze stash is glimpsed, and scurvy is thwarted once more. Not bad for a video that runs under five minutes.

A Tale of Tequila, Warlocks and Mild Rainforest Envy

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Warlock Cigars

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Other times, it is a source for foam.

After seeing Tim Ferriss’ video of a sneak peek at some Four Hour Chef mayhem/Four Hour Body cheat day treat-ness, I decided to give it a go. Why? Because it was tequila hot chocolate that utilizes cigar smoke-infused milk foam. Which sounds just weird enough to be a must-try. It also hails from The Aviary out of Chicago, which looks like a ridiculously awesome establishment that I will one day be wheeled out of.

The following video documents my attempt at this recipe. This is to be used for entertainment purposes only. If you try to follow my lead, then know we are not responsible for any injuries sustained, nor any smoke damage to your house. You have been warned.

For Tim’s Four Hour Body book, you can find it on Amazon here. And you can pre-order Four Hour Chef here.