RIP: David Carradine

David Carradine

David Carradine, master of the fu, has died at age 72 in a hotel room in Bangkok where he was working on a film. No cause of death has been established completely as one Thai paper is calling it a hanging suicide–which I’m not buying until somebody else confirms it. Anyway, it’s tragic however it happened.

After conferring with our resident Keeper of the Fu, Doc Ezra, we’ve picked a couple of quick bookend things to remember him by. First–and most obviously–Caine.

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Your Guide to German Beverages

Jolt Cola Germany

Ever since I can remember, I loved cola. I liked the taste and I loved whatever it did to me. Young me, of course, had no idea that the mighty caffeine was raising my blood pressure and preventing my brain from realising it was getting tired. Plus, there was the cheap and easy sugar high.

As I grew older I became something of a cola elitist (there was a time I could guess if the cola came from a keg, a plastic bottle or a glass one by tasting it). I tried many many different ones. My favourite to this day is Jolt Cola, probably due to the caffeine amount in it, which causes a stronger buzz and a stronger taste as well.

Why do I tell you this? Well, I want to introduce you to a selection of German beverages. My comments on their flavours are of course based on my personal taste. Regarding that taste, when it comes to the classic Cola War, I prefer Coca Cola. Diet cola, let alone decaf, has no place in my fridge. I will, however, try any soda, caffeinated or not, just leave me alone with decaffeinated cola.


Threadless: Feed My Franklinstein

Franklinstein from Threadless

Even though the shirt isn’t black, I must commend the creator of “Franklinstein,” Mikey Hester. Because the notion of Benjamin Franklin becoming the protagonist of an alternate history/Mary Shelley mashup sounds fantastic to me, in the same vein that I adored the notion of Abraham Lincoln, Zombie Hunter. I’m sure somebody must have done that already, right? Also, as a recommendation for future reprints of this design: put it on black and have the electrical bits and the kite glow in the dark.

You can snag this design here. And of course the main Threadless site is here.


Robert Anton Wilson’s Website Relaunched

Robert Anton Wilson is Watching

So Christina, the daughter of Chazzie Lifetime Achievement Award winner Robert Anton Wilson (who is partly responsible for this madness of a website here–yes, blame a dead man, go ahead, he won’t care) has relaunched Prof. Wilson’s official website. Also some news that she’s putting together an auction of his stuff to help settle some final debts of his. So we tried to get everybody to rally to his aid while he was still with us, we don’t want to leave Christina in a lurch either. So we’ll try to keep you posted on when the auction goes live.

In the meantime, check out the site–because the quote front and center is one of the best things you’ll read this week.

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