The Extreme Shopping Guide for January 2004

William S. Burroughs: Commissioner of Sewers DVD

There’s always room for anybody’s shelf for some of Uncle Bill…and hey, now there’s some worthy DVD entries to consider when seeking that beat giftage. First up, Screen Edge brings you William S. Burroughs: Comissioner of Sewers, a disc heavy with footage of Uncle Bill’s live readings, film appearances, his artwork, and more. Maybe not the best introduction, but for the existing fan, it’s a no-brainer. Then we’ve also got Naked Lunch, getting its due from Criterion, as it should. Director Cronenberg is on board with a perfect performance by Peter Weller as Burroughs stand-in Bill Lee and the thing is weird as seven hells. To help you through it, you’ve got a commentary from Cronenberg and Weller, a new docu, an illustrated essay cover the effects, stills, a gallery of marking materials, some audio recordings of Uncle Bill reading bits from the novel, and more. For the fan on your list, go for a twofer and win their love forever. Just flee if they want the stuff rubbed on their lips.