xkcd: Playpen Balls

How many playpen balls would it take to fill your apartment?

You know, xkcd really needs to be careful. First I saw the chess photo strip, which amused me greatly. But then it became apparent that people were starting to create their own bits like that for real.

Then I found out that somebody’s actually created a tool that will calculate exactly how many playpen balls it would take to fill your apartment based on an xkcd strip along those lines. Also, what that many playpen balls would cost you. (In my last apartment, the cost would have been, shall we say, prohibitive.)

We really need to keep an eye on xkcd. Because people take its crazy ideas and run with them, it seems. And if it starts looking like it’s going to foment a revolution (at least one in a direction we don’t agree with), we might need to send ninjas.

I’m just saying.

Found via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.