William Sadler as Death from Bill and Ted Face the Music, enjoying some crafty

I may be considered a heretic, but I don’t care. (Have I ever?) I actually enjoyed Bogus Journey just slightly more than Excellent Adventure…mostly because of William Sadler’s portrayal of Death. So all that mattered to me was that he was returning for Face the Music. (This pic is from Ed Solomon’s Twitter, featuring the man himself enjoying some crafty on set.) The latest trailer is here:

As a quick aside, am I the only one who heard that Kelly Carlin would be taking over her father’s role in this? (It appears to be Kristen Schaal instead, playing a new character–but named after Kelly.) I suppose once this film hits, we’ll be able to say that the Bill & Ted Trilogy (which is a┬ávery odd thing to say/type) will be complete.