Larry Fine from Woman Haters

We’ve made it to the beginning of another week. Congratulations. Now it’s time to celebrate by forgetting the world for a few minutes and enjoying some specially curated nonsense.

  • Derren Brown is a scary (but nice–at least he seems to be or he’s made us think he is) individual. But highly talented. Showing in this clip.
  • Our previously mentioned VOX TOX YouTube event from Sandi Toksvig is now also a podcast.
  • Speaking of Sandi, she is the latest host of QI, the show you should definitely watch. Here’s a compilation of bits about art.
  • The aforementioned Maria Bamford, with one of her standup bits which never fails to make me laugh
  • Elvis Costello and The Brodsky Quartet performing a song live from their album, The Juliet Letters.
  • Comments from Penn Jillette regarding Larry Fine and his choice of shoes.
  • And speaking of Penn, here he is with his partner, Teller, doing their famous cups and balls routine.