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Wayhomer Review #174: Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise as Cage from Edge of Tomorrow

It’s Episode #174 for Edge of Tomorrow, in which our protagonist is joined by Rox of Spazhouse, who’s conquered several worlds. Together, they discuss Groundhog Day plus exoskeletons, fun with alien design, and how to properly do a summer tentpole release.


  • Damion: Well, the fact that the Alphas looked like they had an afterburner lodged behind their face…I thought that was pretty bitchin’ myself. But to each their own kick. Sadly, the Captain America 2 Wayhomer footage was an unusable mess. The print version was not mine…but I can tell you that the movie did kick a great deal of arse. Thanks for the comment, chief.

  • I don’t understand what people have against Oblivion. I thought it was a very well-made movie.