Kermits Big Surprise

The Jeff Who Lives at Home prize packs will be headed to the homes of John Kamin of Indiana and Cole Ballantine of West Virginia (assuming they gave us their home addresses, that is).

Mama Said that Michael Ladanyi of Georgia won the Lenny Kravitz album.

Shirley Booker of Tennessee gets to review the Highlights of the 2012 Masters.

Descendents will be moving–mostly laterally–to Dylan Jones of New York.

The contest may have had an end, but the No End of Now CDs are going to Leslie Bitner of Texas.

Cherish Armstrong of South Carolina and Sheila Bell of Ontario are no doubt bullish about winning Bullhead.

This might not be Paul Colson of Oklahoma’s Finest Hour, but it’s not too bad. He won the Patton Oswalt DVD, after all.

Matthew Winston of Vermont, Mark Westfall of Ohio, Simon Colby of Rhode Island and Erin Bassett of Virginia all get to check out Reggie Watts‘ live album.

Both Rita Greene of Illinois and Clay Connell of Texas will be getting together with American Reunion.

Alicia Lewis of Georgia gets to catch the Beautiful Wave.

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