Third Gate Audiobook

It’s The Third Gate by Lincoln Child, out from Random House Audio as an unabridged audiobook and read by Johnathan McClain. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

As far back as the Neolithic period Egypt was split in two warring empires. Each kingdom had a crown associated with its king–a red crown for lower Egypt and a white crown for upper Egypt. Around 3200 BC, King Narmer finally conquered upper Egypt and unified the two kingdoms. His crown was, quite literally, a combination of the two previous crowns, the white and the red. Nobody has ever found the tomb of King Narmer–the first king of a unified Egypt. Even more interestingly, nobody has ever found the crown of any Egyptian king. There are various theories for this. One is that the crown was handed down from leader to leader. Another is that the crowns themselves were magical, a source or conduit of the king’s godlike powers, and they disappeared into the netherworld upon his death.

Now, the world’s most famous archaeological excavator and hunter, Porter Stone, has found an ancient document which seems to give the location of King Narmer’s burial place. It is in a godforsaken region known as the Sudd, south of Khartoum, a region that is neither land nor water, but a shifting, lethal patchwork of rotten vegetation that has, for centuries, kept man away. As the expedition begins to encounter strange, then downright scary happenings, Stone turns to one person who may be able to gauge what’s happening–Professor Jeremy Logan. What follows is a Lincoln Child adventure that is, in cultural context and historical intrigue, more riveting than his previous novels and sure to build on his best-selling track record. And protagonist Jeremy Logan is a character who we’ll all want to see again.

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