Star Studded Comics #1

It’s Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy. Well, that and at the house of Deborah Shelton of Colorado.

Teri Shears of Utah and Joan Waits of Rhode Island will be checking out Treme on DVD.

Suzie Douglas of Ontario will be touching down on Planet Egypt.

Cheryl Dela Cruz of Nevada, Valerie Gregory of Illinois and John Davies of South Carolina are going to try and make do with Eight is Enough.

James Saxton of Florida and Will Shumate of Vermont will probably decline to decorate The Wicker Tree.

Len Roche of Texas, your last name did not preclude you from winning Billy the Exterminator Season 4. Bravo.

Andi Carmichael of Delaware and Mabel Parker of Oklahoma will be enjoying the company of Paul F. Tompkins’ latest DVD.

Dustin Mesker of Wisconsin is exiting this post with Enter Nowhere.

Lara Barnett of Indiana, Jim Dushane of Georgia, Tony Blackwell of Indiana, Anne Tucker of Nevada and Manuel Capitao Jr. of Florida all snagged season tickets to Theatre Bizarre.

Natalie Clark of Arkansas will fire away with Top Shot Gauntlet.

Alison Wright of Idaho and Kevin Butler of Louisiana are now in the know that they won Clueless.

Anthony Ciofani of Maryland has a front row seat for the Goat Rodeo Sessions Live DVD.

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Image from Comicvine.