Stan Laurel

South Park Season 15 is going to be swearing at the houses of Bradley Brown of Iowa and Violet Barone of Connecticut.

The A&E Baseball prize pack big winner is Philippa Michaels of Texas.

The Regular Show Slack Pack DVDs are going to be tight with Katiya Kilberg of Oregon, Carrie Leonard of California and Susan Liford-Heath of Kentucky.

Gale Burroughs of Ontario, Diana McCalister of Arkansas and Judith Poppell of Florida will soon be stuck with Stuck Between Stations.

Tyler Callaway of Georgia will soon be gifted with The Wolf Gift.

Richard Lorenc of Florida, Rhea Allen of Illinois and Hector Connor, Jr. of Indiana will shortly be fighting crime with Eagleheart.

Charlita Neal of North Carolina’s clothes have never been less wrinkled since she won The Iron Lady.

Mary Sullivan of South Dakota, Lynda Fitzgerald of New York and Gerald Wais of Colorado are probably going to skip bobbing for apples with Snow White: Deadly Summer.

Nicole Alvestad of Maryland and Wayne Anniston of Indiana will need to report back on how The Terror Experiment turned out.

Alan Winston of Wyoming is going to be catching a ride with Ice Road Truckers.

Janice Crawford of Utah and Suzy Lloyd of Alabama are going to be catching up on Treme.

And Jacqueline Stone of Tennessee snagged The New Adventures of Old Christine.

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