Ninety Percent

Getting some time from Superjail due to good behavior, it’s Mike Loewer of Wisconsin, Johnny Anderson of Georgia and June Abbott of Indiana.

Kenneth Earle of Louisiana and David Nagel of Idaho will be receiving a pitch from Screwball.

Max Salinas of Georgia and Petra Rainey of Delaware will be adventuring away with Tintin.

Anne Turner of Illinois and Dwight Wagner of Tennessee will be coming of age with Young Adult.

Billy Lundberg of Colorado parted the seas of the other winners to snag the Biblical A&E prize pack.

Melonie Rainer of Hawaii will be listening to The Technologists very soon.

Jocelyn Livingston of Massachusetts, Rita Sharp of New Mexico and Lilah Webb of Indiana will all catch a whiff of Breaking Wind. (Sorry, only punny thing I could think of.)

Shana Bass of West Virginia will certainly know much about history, with apologies to Sam Cooke, because she won the A&E Historical prize pack.

It’s Corman’s World and Florence Downey of Pennsylvania and Scott Johns of California get to live in it.

Russell Gibson of Oregon is King of the World after winning the Titanic soundtrack.

Ian Miller of Florida snagged the Zane Lamprey prize pack.

And Denise Sachs of Colorado and Leland Ellis of North Carolina know where they stand with The Sitter.

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