Victor Hugo

Olivia Welch of Minnesota, Janice Michaels of California and Donald Huffman of Oregon will be exploring Adventure Time: It Came From the Nightosphere.

Jed Kelley of Tennessee and Dennis Patel of Illinois will be on the front row (their couch) for Phantom at the Royal Albert Hall.

Yay, 21st Amendment. So says Sabine Blanch of Colorado who snagged the Boardwalk Empire flask.

The Sunset Limited on DVD was limited to two copies–and they got snagged by Kerry Schiller of Delaware and Kim Wright of Connecticut.

Joseph Henry of Georgia and Charlotte Henderson of Kentucky grabbed the History Channel Twofer.

The Sunset Limited on Blu-Ray…also limited. Two copies. And they went to Teresa Martinez of Oklahoma and Phil Duncan of Maine.

Lee Ann Edwards of Mississippi and Tommy Donovan of Nebraska won that other Borgia show, Faith and Fear.

Edith Moore of Utah and Megan Savage of New York won the Employee of the Month book. No special parking space comes with that, sorry.

The Project Nim winners are Jeanine Ward of Vermont, Mia Johnston of New Mexico and Nathan Raymond of Kentucky.

The Presidents Day prize pack will be saluting Aiden Brown of Colorado.

Henry Abraham of Arizona needed a DVD for hire and got Mercenaries.

And the Movies on Demand prize pack demands to be sent to Aaron Greenberg of New York. So it is written, so it is so.

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